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A Map for Team Fortress 2

A/D CTF map with doomsday satelite dishes

ctf_haarp (final) by Dr. Spud
Remember this map? It's finally done! Haarp is an Attack and Defend CTF map. Red has gotten clever and replaced control points with computer terminals. Blu must deliver intel to CPs to proceed. H.A.A.R.P. (the High Frequency Active Auroral R.E.D. Project) is stationed inside a huge Red base built in the side of a cliff. In the snowy Alaskan wilderness, they've built antenna arrays and a gigantic satellite dish. But what you don't know is it's really a DOOMSDAY DEVICE that could potentially END THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. Blue must infiltrate the base and deliver the shutdown override codes before DEATH AND DESTRUCTION RAINS DOWN ON THE WORLD. Change Log (Since Beta 2): --------------------------- Gameplay Changes: -Raised blue spawn time in stage 2 a bit to help blue respawn with teammates Layout changes: -New path into CP 1-1. This path also has a door to the corridor beyond CP 1-1 that opens after the CP is captured. -New path into the area near CP 1-2 -New room for Blue to build in on the left path to CP 1-2 -Removed detail blocking part of the main path leading to CP 2-2 -New window overlooking CP 2-2 -Changed the right side-path leading up to CP 3-1 -widened the upper corridor leading into the CP 3-2 hallway -Changed the right side-path leading to the final CP to give blue a new balcony -Added a new particle effect for the reactor over CP 2-2 -Improved the skybox -New computer props by Rexy. -New textures and models by Timberghost. -Improved doomsday satelite dish model by me -Various detail improvements all-around Additional Credits: --------------------------- Rexy: Computer Props Timberghost: Various textures and props, including the snow and yellow pipes. Nineaxis: Custom Posters Thanks, special: --------------------------- -Rexy -Timberghost -Nineaxis -Icarus -Radaka -A Boojum Snark -Youme -Everyone testing and leaving feedback Want to leave feedback? Send me an email at . Or post on the map's thread, .
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    Lol, I can't believe I remember the HAARP conspiracy
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    Oversensitive sociopath
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    Oh man, I remember this map since it was featured on the TF2 blog. I must say, I love what you did with the red energy in that one glass chamber, it looked really boring in... b2? Was it? Anyways, I can't wait to play on it. If VAVLe does reintroduce Attack CTF as a gamemode, this map should be one of them to make it into the game.
    Bite me.
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  • I played this map a LONG time ago and now i remember it. Looks great and looks awesome then the old one i remember the only thing I remember is just a HUGE hallway leading to a desk. This map brings back old memories.
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Key Authors
Dr. Spud
the map
computer props
various textures/props


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Dr. Spud
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