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Snowy cliffs, mountain villages, plane crashes, and semi-rigs.

This is a standard DE map with 2 bombsites and 64 spawn points. Each bombsite has at least 3 points of entry. This map was meticulously rebuilt from the ground-up to be very close to the original de_survivor by 3D Mike. Thorough beta testing shows that framerates are well within the acceptable range for serious play, but you can expect this map to be as taxing as de_nuke or de_inferno. This map was created for and is in rotation at the [DoP] High Times servers. Note that while this map does come with a .NAV file, it is not optimized. Bots are over-rated. STORY: A high priority informant has been shot down by enemy forces in a remote mountainous area. A local private security force has been contracted by the US to be America's first response in bringing the plane crash survivor into custody for interogation. The survivor has locked himself in the cockpit of the plane wreckage. Counter-Terrorist objective is to secure the immobilized target until the 2nd American team arrives. Terrorist objective is to execute the target or otherwise prevent his extraction by US forces.



  • 6y
    Too much fog perhaps?
  • 6y
    a47176 avatar
    a47176 Offline
    Member Joined 7y

    - cool map
  • 6y
    Serialmapper avatar
    Member Joined 7y
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    Very nice remake 10/10,however in some areas i have over 200 fps and in some like 60-80 fps (especially the bomb sites where most of the action happens) and it's only me on the map.That could be a problem in a 40+ slots server.
    Keep the fog but you could remove those clouds,are good looking but fps eating.Also in one area you placed a soundscape (woodland type with wind and leafs and singing birds) it doesn't quite fit with the winter landscape,but that's just a minor thing anyway.


  • 6y
    Mr.Brown avatar
    Mr.Brown Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    This looks awesome, looking forward to make a video for this map.

    There was one de_survivor_css map before, but got lots of errors though.


    One last time, then I can rest avatar
    One last time, then I can rest
  • 6y
    imma avatar
    imma Offline
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    WOW. Incredible quality
  • 6y
    SM Sith Lord avatar
    Member Joined 11y
    6,695 points Ranked 662nd
    > **Posted by beldentZORD.**

    > Got a question, is this map suitable for matches?

    It was never an official CAL map or anything, but it has a solid layout and works great for competitive play.
    Kill Every All
  • 6y
    Rootbeerz avatar
    Rootbeerz avatar Offline
    Member Joined 12y
    Finally, a great map release to cover up all the other shitty releases the past week in this section, but too bad I can't rate it because we're both in HLS! :P

    Nice remake. :)
    Constructive Map Assesor avatar
    Constructive Map Assesor
  • 6y
    beldentZORD. avatar
    Member Joined 7y
    475 points Ranked 9220th
    Nice remake bro!

    Got a question, is this map suitable for matches?
    Argentinian Mapper
  • 6y
    ReapFreak avatar
    ReapFreak avatar Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    cold but epic.


    At the end of it all


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SM Sith Lord
Original Author
3D Mike
Created the original de_survivor
Special Thanks
[DoP] Vulgar
Gave me design ideas such as detaching the jet engine from the plane itself
[DoP] RicoSuave
Contributed design ideas and endorsed the DEV and BETA versions
[DoP] General G
Constantly uploaded new test versions to the High Times server
[DoP] High Times players
Tested the dev and beta versions


SM Sith Lord avatar
Member Joined 11y
6,695 points Ranked 662nd

SM Sith Lord
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