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A Map for Pirates Vikings and Knights II

Earthbound's very own Fourside Dept. Store has arrived to PVK2! There are some things I need to mention before you dive into the map. ~General~ Fourside Dept. Store layout like in Earthbound, NPCs from Earthbound included Store music from Earthbound but set low Other sounds from Earthbound such as doors opening/closing, picking up items, etc Spawns are in the outer rooms of the floors Vikings 4th floor Knights 3rd floor Pirates 2nd floor Doors only open from one side to prevent spawn camping Escalator stairs only allow you to go in the direction the arrows are facing, i.e you can only go up on "up" stairs and vice versa (may be edited in the future) Items are placed in areas respective to their shops (Food at Burger place, etc); be sure to check out the Returns Desk ~Darkness~ Occurs after a set range of time Area darkens NPCs disappear New music plays from the game, more audible than the store music to set a spooky atmosphere Creatures appear during the Darkness Two mobs per floor, standing on certain spots on their respective floor will have the mob move towards it Mobs have push back and do damage when touched Dept. Store Spook appears the moment the Darkness occurs and runs to the top floor, players can not move during this moment (3 seconds) Spook will walk down each floor after certain conditions are met If touched by Spook, an unpleasant event will happen to the player When Spook reaches the 1st floor and exits the building, the Darkness is over and the lights and NPCs return, resetting the Darkness timer to reoccur



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    I like the originality of the art style, looks like the Pokemon games. Downloading now.


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Key Authors
Overall Map Design
Darkness Mode
Special Thanks
Assisting in original escalator design
Custom Textures + Play Tester
Overhead Blueprint of Map
Geo Indo
Play Tester
Shigesato Itoi
Creating Earthbound and the Mother series


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Development Info

7/3/2011 ~B2 update~ Lag has been reduced significantly by having the stairs act as teleporters to reach the next floor. The spectator room with the credits allows admins access to turn on the Darkness when they choose to with noclip. They must press the Use key on either kokooronokawari or watson (may take a few tries, you need to be partially inside the texture). ~Things I would've liked...~ A custom death picture for Spook next to the player's name (like a tentacle); but beyond my control A functional escalator that doesn't lag the game (impossible with near max entdata) A form of anti-range to not shoot up or down the escalator stairs
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