A Map for Garry's Mod 9

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Okay, here comes additional info/FAQ: + "How I overload reactor?" - To do that, you'll need at least 3 people. Two go to the side-consoles in the reactor room, one goes to the center override room. The vent override switch will be covered withtwo layers of shielding. The two side consoles each remove one layer of shielding, then the main switch is pulled. Then, the vents in the reactor open for 15 seconds. Then one of the people at the side consoles or a 4th person down below throw a grenade into the vents, Halo style. Enjoy the fireworks. + "So I've blown up the ship. Is there a reset switch?" - Yes there is, it's right under the reactor, You'll probalby have to noclip in order to get to it, though, sorry. + "Are the escape pods controllable?" -Yes they are, but theyre a bit tricky to control, due to the alck of stabilization and the awkward view. Also, noone like an asshole who takes a whole pod for themselves and takes off without his friends + "What's that weird cylinder laying around the main hangar?" - That's the SatCam, sends an image to the screen on the Bridge. + "You dumbass, you forgot to label the hangar spawnables!" - A thousand pardons, my Lord. Left to right, they are: shield generator, plasma pulse cannon, oxygen generator, shipspawner powercore. + "Powercore, you say? What is that used for?" - Slump it into one of the ports on the two miniship spawners to activate the customization/spawning system.



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  • 5y
    gmodder avatar
    gmodder Offline
    Member Joined 5y

    - good overall map


    - dont know how to install right msg me plz
  • 8y
    Gurgelboll avatar
    Gurgelboll Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Only blue skybox help plz
  • 8y
    Turkey72 avatar
    Turkey72 Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    1,666 points Ranked 2807th
    Posted by Dr.Sean

    Make one for hl2dm plox?

    this can easily be used in hl2dm,just a possible diffrent spawn point.
    Don't eat me avatar
    Don't eat me
  • 9y
    Dr.Sean avatar
    Dr.Sean Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Make one for hl2dm plox?
  • 9y
    Good for making a gmod version of Dead Space.
    Down With The Sickness
  • 9y
    flashn00b avatar
    flashn00b Offline
    Member Joined 12y
    1,067 points Ranked 4395th
    Pros: - Useful for comics
    - Everything looks good...
    Cons: ...except for the skybox.
    Improvements: Please include the skybox.


    Crappy CS2d mapper
  • 10y
    Omini avatar
    Omini Offline
    Member Joined 12y
    Pros: Working bulkhead doors, escape pods, bays, a crane in the main hanger, shields - a lot more
    Cons: Poor space effect, main bay hanger doors faulty (open wrong way, and dont stop)
    Improvements: Get a more space like outside, rather than colour clashing
    Notes: (The space could possibly be due to graphics settings, but I can't see why/how)


  • 11y
    LeonScottKennedy avatar
    Member Joined 11y
    925 points Ranked 5055th
    The skybox is missing and i cant get it on facepunch because your link to the skybox expired on facepunch. garrysmod.org is also being a pain in the ass. thx
    "Your right hand comes off?"
  • 11y
    LeRadieux avatar
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    Looks really nice.


  • 11y
    dAVROs avatar
    dAVROs Offline
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    3,435 points Ranked 1350th


    • Interesting x 1
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    Dont mess with da Force
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