A Map for Zombie Master

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Resistance is futile...

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A relatively short map. Its lengh is extended by the waiting period when a specific door is opened.

Zm_cathedral made by man with arms a.k.a. Gordon Freeguy The old cathedral stood proudly for many centuries and attracted coutless pilgrims and believers alike, before suddenly being abandoned some time ago due to an unknown reason. With its mighty doors shut, it quicly fell into a state of disrepair... Recently, plans were made to bring this colossus back to its former glory. The best people were hired and the long work began. But soon, strange occurrences were starting to undermine this state-sponsored project. During work, people reported strange noises, ranging from quiet whispers all the way up to ear piercing screams... The workers also reported the feeling of being watched... Soon the problems escalated..Freak accidents started happening frequently. One worker was killed when he fell 50 metres after reportedly being "pushed by an unseen force". Another disappeared, only to be found a few days later, mutilated, in the middle of the great hall... One day, one of the workers found something... a secret passage which led to hidden chambers in the bedrock beneath the cathedral. He went in to explore, only to return 3 hours later, driven to the brink of madness by fear.. He committed suicide precisely two weeks after his ordeal. Only to leave behind a note... It described something hidden inside the cathedral... a tomb of someone powerful from a bygone era. Filled with many treasures... But it also mentioned what was guarding the tomb...something un-natural... something very, very dark.. Following this event, the project was cancelled overnight and the cathedral was closed once more... Say for a few brave explorers who went and were never seen again, noone dared to look for the tomb... until now... 1. Find the switch which opens the hidden door to the crypt. (warning: Big doors close in 30 seconds. AFKs are killed) 2. The mechanism is very old and slow. It will take 3 minutes before the hidden door opens behind the cross. 3. Enter the crypt, stock up on ammo quicly, and head your way to the burial chamber far down the hallway. Turn the key on the back of the coffin to open another hidden door. Hold the zombies back for one minute. 4. Navigate a small maze, find and press a button which reveals an elevator. ZM can manipulate two wall sections to confuse or corner survivors. 5. Take the elevator to the upper levels. Activate the large lambda slab. it will turn for 3 minutes. Survive the final zombie onslaught. 6. when the doors open, enter the tomb. The dark forces that guarded it are no more. Congratulations! All the wealth inside is now yours! Notes: - my first ever ZM map. Go easy on me please D_: - Due to my retarded inability to get the logic_auto to work properly, the big doors only open when a survivor spawns and immediately triggers them. - Every door closes after 30-60 seconds. Those who are left behind die a horrible death by trigger_hurt set at over9000 damage. - This is more or less a beta. I might develop it further in the future if it proves popular, which I doubt... - Added epic music for ambience. - Have fun! dont let the zombies get ya!



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    Pros: Nice architecture
    Cons: Very low detalization
    Improvements: Add HDR and details - props and little brushs.
    Notes: Try to experiment with "Quadratic, Linear, and Constant" - light's properties, to get more ambient lighting.



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