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Hamletv1 - A Map for Half-Life 2

A Small Hamlet in a Bloc Country


  • Moving clouds
  • HDR
  • Custom content
  • Ambient sounds
  • A somewhat living world
  • A car that needs fuel
  • A power station that needs a key
  • A credit bunker


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Map

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    Asandril Joined 11y ago
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    **Pros:** - Nice atmosphere. - The map looks good in general. **Cons:** - Some foliage fixed on a wall looks kinda strange at the beginning. Like they are fixed on a wall that is not here. - Ladder made out of wood makes a metal sound, dunno if you can correct this though. - On the roof there are some wood parts to walk on, one of them is still in air. Maybe it was a problem with the pysics, otherwise it'll be good to correct it. - When on roof, you can jump on the hill close to the house. I walked and fell since it's not an area I'm supposed to walk on. That is really bad for the quality of your map. - Again, you can see the end of the water block you used for the sea when on roof. - The car in the garage has its wheels in ground when not fueled. There's an invisible box around it, I threw a stone on it and it was like on a cube. - The fuel dispenser indoor is questionable, I always saw these things outside. Maybe there's a good reason. - The hatch button is green and red when not powered, little glitch with the state of it in the script maybe. **Improvements:** - The destroyed holes you've made in some roofs are good, but since we can clearly see how tiles are cut it's odd. Maybe you can follow the tiles pattern to have a more realistic and good looking map. - There's blood in a house, though the player has absolutely no clue why. Seems the place is peaceful, I thought it was kinda strange. Personnal opinion of course, maybe you could put some hint to why there's this "red paint" here x) - We can't go see the seagulls, you've made a wall to block the way to the end of the harbor. Maybe you could put it at the end rather than in the middle? - Details are nice, but even though the place is abandonned (I think) the map could use some more. I liked the map, honestly. But some mistakes really waste its potential. Correct the visible "developping process things" (water block, etc...) and maybe add some more things to do. I tried to see everything, without this I would have finished the map really quick. That's bad since you must have put much effort into it. Good idea for the end, some staging might be good though. Good luck with your future maps x)
    *Hammering his head*
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