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A Map for Pirates Vikings and Knights II

[b]Patch Notes for bt_CustomBaseSurvival_B3[/b] [b]1.[/b] Added 2 platforms that rise to the top of a base when one layer of blocks are completely destroyed. [b]2.[/b] Fixed the Explosive Barrel being mistaken as a Chest. [b]3.[/b] Edited some game texts. [b]4.[/b] Added visual countdown numbers while waiting to teleport. [b]5.[/b] Added a sound that plays while waiting to teleport. [b]6.[/b] Small bug fixing. [b]Patch Notes for bt_CustomBaseSurvival_B2[/b] [b]1.[/b] Fixed the water. It still hurts the player, but it won't let you go down to the obis, saving your life. [b]2.[/b] Added the option to end the game with tickets. Each team gets 330 tickets. [b]3.[/b] Another attempt for trying to fix the Overflow issue that disconnects users and can also break the game. This one should fix it this time!! [b]4.[/b] Had to take away blocks for each base. It is now 5x5x5. Each base now has 125 blocks. [b]5.[/b] Added sprites to the middle chest. [b]6.[/b] Added game texts. [b]7.[/b] Moved the door buttons higher in the boats, making it easier to open on the outside. [b]8.[/b] Edited the beginning force fields. [b]9.[/b] Spaced out the team player respawning. Every time you respawn, inside the glass cube, you will go towards the combine ball in the middle to spawn into the map. The minimum wait time between each teleport = 6 seconds. [b]10.[/b] Added in debris from any broken bridges, causing to make it a safe path to go across after the boat breaks a bridge. [b]11.[/b] Added my first secret! [b]12.[/b] The bases are now 15% bigger. [u][b]1. Carve your base, making it into whatever you want.[/b][/u] You have 90 Seconds to carve your base. Break the blocks into any pattern you desire, making long mazes, rooms, traps, obstacles, but as everyone knows it can be ruined by a griefer on your team. (Hope the admins are on) Each base has 210 breakable blocks. The top row of breakable blocks are a bit bigger than the other ones, just know that the ones on the top are textured differently so you know ahead of time that your breaking a top breakable that's big. (I'm at the maximum number of entities being spawned in the map) There are force fields up, preventing deaths and forcing players to spend time on the base making. The force fields go away when the round starts. The breakable block's health is 50, and when the carving session ends, the health becomes 1500. [u][b]2. Place your chest in your base.[/u][/b] After the carving, you get 15 seconds to place your teams chest inside the base you made before the round starts. [u][b]3. Know your team's feature for the round.[/b] [/u] [u]The 3 Features[/u] After the carving session ends, each base gets one of the three features randomly for that round. No base can have another base's feature on the same round. A. The Ship - A ship that can go to each base on the water and Will break bridges on impact. The ship will meet the team on the side of the team's floating island, and when the middle button is pressed, it will go to the water circle for operation. There are 7 Buttons in the ship. 4 Buttons for operating the doors, 2 buttons for setting destinations and 1 button that goes away when pressed, which is pressed when everyone on the team is ready for it to be placed on the water circle. Each ship has a color on the top representing the team who received the ship. After a bridge is broken, players can either jump the gap or go through the water to the other side. The water hurts, but not a lot, and stay afloat (Hold Spacebar) or get sucked down and die! The ship's doors can be opened on the outside. B. The Cannons - Two Cannons on each side of the base that will launch you to the middle ground. At least one of the two cannons can launch you on top of the circular building in the middle. Tip: Only press W and look in the direction that the cannon is pointed in order to use them correctly. C. The Tunnel - An underground tunnel that leads from the base to the middle ground inside which is the Hot Lava Arena. A ladder will appear at the back of your floating island which leads to the start of the tunnel, that leads to the Hot Lava Arena.Players from the Hot Lava Arena can go in any tunnel using a ladder. One bad thing about the tunnel is that it is a long straight narrow tunnel, which can lead to arrows of death. [u][b]4. Play the map[/b][/u] Play the map and try to get all chests in your base! In the middle there is a circular building that you can go into from the top using one of the four stair cases going around it. There are 3 floors in the building, all connected by ladders. The top floor is hollow and has nothing in it, just some health and armor. The 2nd floor has a platform and stairs, the 3rd floor has more stairs and the ladder that goes down to the Hot Lava Arena. The Hot Lava Arena has a chest inside of it. [b]Time Information[/b] Carving-----------90 seconds long Placing Your Chest-15 seconds long When a base has all chests-10 seconds long This map is 20.9MB after a fast compile. Also the fall damage is disabled. Here is a link to a thread of this map in the PVK2 Forum. [b]Known Problems with my map.[/b] Sometimes sounds wont stop playing. Safety is not guaranteed when using The Cannons. Ladders can't be killed. Sometimes Text Messages won't display correctly. The Breakable Blocks can sometimes stuck people. Barrels can count as Chests.


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