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A Map for Pirates Vikings and Knights II

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A Fun Map for PVK2. Make your own Base!

[b][u]Beta 4 Released[/b][/u] [b]1.[/b]The Mini-Game has been removed. No more choosing the outer shell for your base. The outer shell is now chosen randomly, 1 of 3 possible outer shells are chosen, and all outer shells are different from other outer shells in the round. [b]2.[/b] Lowered the chance of getting the "Reliable Snapshot Overflow" error. [b]3.[/b] Removed the top layer of breakable blocks for the bases. [b]4.[/b] Now you have 60 seconds to carve your base. [b]5.[/b] Now you have 120 seconds to play the round before sudden death. [b] This is a written walk-through of my map. [/b] [u][b]1. Choose a Team.[/b][/u] ... [u][b]2. Carve your base, making it into whatever you want.[/b][/u] You have 60 Seconds to carve your base. Note that the outer shell of the base is unbreakable, and that breakable blocks are on the inside. Break the blocks into any pattern you desire, making long mazes, rooms, traps, obstacles, or making a floor that only the people on it can access, but as everyone knows it can be ruined by a griefer on your team. (Hope the admins are on) Each base has 210 breakable blocks. (I'm at the maximum number of entities being spawned in the map.) There are force fields up around the bases, preventing deaths and forcing players to spend time on the base making. The force fields go away after the 60 seconds. The breakable block's health is 50, and when the carving session ends, the health becomes 1500. [u][b]3. Know your team's feature for the round.[/b] [/u] [u]The 3 Features[/u] After the carving session ends, each base gets one of the three features randomly for that round. No base can have another base's feature on the same round. A. The Ship - A ship that can go to each base on the water and Will break bridges on impact. The ship will meet the team on the side of the team's floating island, and when the middle button is pressed, it will go to the water circle for operation. There are 7 Buttons in the ship. 4 Buttons for operating the doors, 2 buttons for setting destinations and 1 button that goes away when pressed, which is pressed when everyone on the team is ready for it to be placed on the water circle. Each ship has a color on the top representing the team who received the ship. After a bridge is broken, players can either jump the gap or go through the water to the other side. The water hurts, but not a lot, and stay afloat (Hold Spacebar) or get sucked down and die! The ship's doors can be opened on the outside. B. The Cannons - Two Cannons on each side of the base that will launch you to the middle ground. At least one of the two cannons can launch you on top of the circular building in the middle. Tip: Only press W and look in the direction that the cannon is pointed in order to use them correctly. C. The Tunnel - An underground tunnel that leads from the base to the middle ground inside which is the Hot Lava Arena. A ladder will appear at the back of your floating island which leads to the start of the tunnel, that leads to the Hot Lava Arena. Players from the Hot Lava Arena can go in any tunnel using a ladder. One bad thing about the tunnel is that it is a long straight narrow tunnel, which can lead to arrows of death. [u][b]4. Play the map[/b][/u] Play the map and try to survive! In the middle there is a circular building that you can go into from the top using one of the four stair cases going around it. There are 3 floors in the building, all connected by ladders. The top floor is hollow and has nothing in it, just some health and armor. The 2nd floor has a platform and stairs, the 3rd floor has more stairs and the ladder that goes down to the Hot Lava Arena. The Hot Lava Arena is a great place to fight, and is epic when sudden death happens. [u][b]5. Sudden Death[/b][/u] When Sudden Death happens in my map, lava rises from the ground up and players are forced to move to high ground. Players have little time to make it to high ground, but it can be done. If you're in the Hot Lava Arena, you're in for a ride, because you have to race against the clock and make it out of the circular building in time to run up a generated staircase to high point. When the lava reaches it's peak, a stone platform appears connecting the high areas which are the tops of the bases and the middle. [b]On Random Sudden Death[/b] When Random Sudden Death happens, all players are required to try to get to the top of their base as fast as they can before the lava kills them all. [b]Time Information[/b] Carving-----------60 seconds long Game Time------120 seconds long Sudden Death--60 seconds long This map is 28.5MB after a fast compile. Also the fall damage is disabled. Here is a link to a thread of this map in the PVK2 Forum. [b]**************************UPDATE**************************[/b] [b]Patch Notes for lts_CustomBaseSurvival_B2[/b] [b]1.[/b] During the Carving Session, there will be unlimited ammo spawning on a stone platform until the carving session ends, which then the spawner will be deleted. [img][/img] [b]2.[/b] During the Carving Session, there will be a ready button on each team's island. [img][/img] Press the Green button to ready up your team. [img][/img] Press the Red button to become unready. Once all teams say they're ready, the round will start. Either do this or wait until the time is up to start playing. [b]3.[/b] New Sudden Death. The lava now only goes high enough to almost the top of the 2nd highest block, so that once players are at the top in sudden death, they can hide in their bases just a little bit but enough to hide from the arrows. After the lava reaches the top, all bases float to the middle of the map, to help prevent stalemate. [img][/img] (Flops it from arrow rape to keg rape.) [b]4.[/b] There is now an Arrow Blocker, making it so that anyone on the knights base CANNOT fire ranged weapons to another base OR the circular building in the middle, They can only use the ranged weapons on someone on the middle ground floor, their own bridge and closer. An Archer ready to make the game uneven. [img][/img] The Arrow Blocker in effect. [img][/img] [b]5.[/b] 1 Food added at the top-middle of each base. [b]6.[/b] 1 more block added at the top's of bases. [b]7.[/b] The ships before they get on the water will move faster. [b]8. [/b]The breakable block's health has been changed from 30 to 50 during the carving session. [b]9. [/b]Half-Fixed the Mini-Game Winner Selection. Got it to select things easier, but the looping still won't work... [b]10.[/b] On RandomSuddenDeath the Mini-Game Winners will now become ejected properly. [b]11.[/b] The Lava's hurt in the Arena is fixed. [b]12.[/b] Rescaled the stone platform textures in the Lava Arena. [b]13.[/b] Moved the stone platforms in the Lava Arena. [b]14.[/b] A new message appears at the beginning of every round. "GET THE GREEN PLATE!" shows, helping to guide the players to play the mini-game. [b]15.[/b] Changed the base's texture size and lighting. Also changed the top blocks lighting so that they can be seen better when carving. [b]16.[/b] When Sudden Death happens, the base becomes breakable once more until the lava reaches the top. When it reaches the top, the health goes back up. [b]17.[/b] The stairs that appear in the middle when sudden death happens are now ramps. [b]NOTE:[/b] I can't seem to make the bridges look any better without an error coming up in the compile log "numplanes + fakeplanes >= MAX_MAP_PLANES". It will say this if I make a couple blocks, so either I'm doing something completely wrong or I'm at the brush limit. [b] ****************************************************[/b] [b] Known Problems with my map.[/b] Sometimes sounds wont stop playing. The Mini-Game Music can sometimes mess up the audio only when it plays. The Mini-Game Winner Selection is not perfect. Safety is not guaranteed when using The Cannons. Ladders can't be killed. The Sudden Death Lava isn't really a liquid. Sometimes Text Messages won't display correctly. The Breakable Blocks can sometimes stuck people. RARE: Sometimes the Winner won't get ejected out of the Winner selection phase. Some of the Breakable Blocks are not perfectly aligned to each other. Most of them are not perfect for a reason, while rotating the base, some angles that the blocks are aligned to won't allow the sides of some blocks to render, showing nothing resembling the effect of an invisible tool texture. So I had to rotate the specific blocks that weren't rendering into positions that did. Now if your confused on how to play it, watch my video walk-through of my map.


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