A Map for Alien Swarm

Quite an innovative Alien Swarm map, my second map for this mod.

Entrance is a quite innovative map, with lots of stuff that you can't see anywhere else. Lot's of triggers and stuff that changes gameplay a little. Story - an AI studying aliens inside a facility went rogue. You need to check what exactly happened. This is first mission of a possible future campaign. Objective is to find a secret facility hidden in mountains. You arrive at small power and storage station and go from there. It's a second map I've made (first called The Investigation, that was kind of an experiment). This one is kind of better, I already knew how to make most of the stuff and I just focused on enchancing the standard gameplay, and hopefully make something new. I'm proud of some features that I included in it. Map still have some small minor bugs, like lack of image of campaign (somehow JPG file doesn't work, tried all kinds of stuff to no avail). Game engine doesn't really like elevators that much, but it is still possible to solve the map even alone - already did that, though on easy difficulty. 4 Players should have no problem. If you find anything you think that should be fixed, plz tell me and I'll fix most serious issues. Random stuttering during elevators/train (that doesn't happen often) are not my fault though, game just doesn't like changing moving objects that much :) Map is quite cool, I recommend 3 - 4 players, but you can easily play it even alone - as long as you choose easy difficulty ( I managed even without sentry gun).
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    Pros: Very unique. This map is not like the other custom maps I've played. There's a lot of outdoors environment, challenges that aren't found in other maps (the bridge platforms, the elevator and cliffs, the lasers). Loved that incendiary mines and the adrenaline. It's a nice touch to include objects not found in the Jacob's Landing map. Cons: It's short. It's just the one level. Although I understand that is not supposed to be a permanent situation, I'm rating the map based on what exists, not what is planned. All of the hack panels are extremely long and over complicated. Protecting a tech who needs 10 minutes to hack one panel is boring. While I understand that was likely to help create "events", after the third one, it's just annoying. The floating platforms are very tricky and unforgiving. I don't know that there's a way to fix this. Maybe rather than having a small pole raise the platform up and down, the area under the platform should be solid. That way you don't go from one to the other and end up under a platform. There's very limited health but no need to bring ammo as it's EVERYWHERE and in vast amounts. I don't think 3 packs of ammo every two feet was really necessary. Maybe one and a health pack here and there would have been nice. Improvements: The bridge needs tweaked. While I like the challenge of the platforms, it's just too easy to fall off and thus creates a lot of restarts. While it should still be challenging, it shouldn't be almost certain death for at least one player. Simplify the hack panels and create proper events. Rather than making the hack panels be so time consuming, maybe make the event time last longer. If you really like the difficult hack panels, at least make them become increasingly challenging rather than hard, hard, really hard. The weird firecracker alien at the beginning... while unique is confusing and doesn't really serve a purpose. I'd scrap that entirely (at least for this part). Add more levels (I know this is a given). Balance out the health packs and the ammo stashes. Consider allowing a player to control the turret on the elevator rather than having it work like the turret on bloodhound. While there are lots of the flying aliens to kill, it can get rather monotonous. Notes: I gave you a 9 in Balance, Fun and Teamplay. In Balance, I felt the aliens became more difficult (queens near the end, more shield bugs near the end, etc) the further I progressed. In Fun, the map is unique, creative and easy to follow. I never felt lost (except for maybe the final hack for the exit) and the map felt like it had a good flow from the beginning to the end (which I know has more to do with Design than fun). Teamplay was fairly balanced, although a tech is definitely important in this map (4 hack doors is a lot). For Design, I gave you a 5 because it is just the one map. There definitely needs to be more levels to go with this one level. However, as I said before, the flow of the map is good. There is fairly easy to follow direction and not a lot of "wandering around confused" space. I'd recommend this map and hope that you'll continue to make the rest of the map. Let me know if you create more levels. I'd love to see what you come up with.


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