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Empire Mod Patch

A Map for CS2D

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In The Mirror Darkly...

READ THIS NOTES!! This patch requires: Empire Mod Full Version This has a similar plot line like Star Trek Armada. This is an Campaign Expansion and are scripted well. 8 Episodes are to be played, if you missed any of the episodes, you won't know what happened, or why. Just play it with your friends. This should be played against 16 or 18 players not more. Bots could be except some maps, they are stupid and with Team Deathmatch settings. This also include some short scripted videos, well animated. This technique is something I've learned while mapping Star Trek Legacy, and figuring out the complicated script. It's well worth a try if you want to. At the end of the 8th episode, just exit after you finished it. Or replay the entire episode if you want to try a different approached in defeating the Imperials or the CS! This patch improves the map and gameplay. Fix some inconsistencies or errors



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Development Info

Empire Mod Map Episode 1-The First Step Description The Imperials have a good idea to cut down 25% of the CT's supplies. The CS is still forming, the Terrorist are joining the CTs. They plan to plant a bomb at the crates located in CT Area 44. Episode 2-The Fountain Description This fountain is really special. Sort of very unusual as the CT's scientist still studying it. The Imperials decided to destroy it. Actually this fountain can heal them but the Imperials wanted to stop them from fast regenerating. Episode 3-The Escape Description Terrorist are to escape due to losing the war against the Imperials, the 2nd Leader decides to escape and call for help from the Counter-Terrorist. But with fast action against the Imperials, they take action to prevent the Terrorist from escaping. Episode 4-Conference Description Both parties decides to negotiate an alliance to defeat the Imperials. Since the Imperials know what they are planning if they are in that situation, they plan to plant a bomb, so that the alliance would failed. Development -Episode of this title was 'Strike Now or Die!' -I followed something like a small treaty story, where the enemy intend to disrupt the treaty. Episode 5-Contamination Description Trying to build the first CS outpost, rumours that renegade Terrorist have been attacking supplies. Search them and eliminate, there must be some kind of teleport battery, which allows them to teleported here. The TTT (Time-Traveller Terrorist) appeared and warns them about the Terrorist Outpost 47. Development -Episode of this title was 'There we meet the Time Traveler', however it was too long so I shorten it to 'Past Tense' but it didn't fit to the story. -A similar plot from Star Trek:Armada first episode, 'Premonitions'. Episode 6-Stand Description CS were too late as the Outpost took quite a beating with the 2 or 3 waves. Rebuild as many turrets as possible, collect all coins, moneys and gold to rebuild them. Wait for 90sec as the Waves comes. Development -A similar plot from Star Trek:Armada fourth episode,Dark Omens. -The idea of having some wrench and coins and whatever stuff on the field is because the base was unprepared and were rushing to build the sentries and other buildings. -The walls on the small fort was weaken as the Imperial previous waves manages to use air strikes, a small undeveloped plot but was created and removed. Episode 7-Spy Around Here Description As the CS was struggling to find how to get to their universe, they received by an escaped labour terrorist where the details and it was under a small medium security facility. Getting the info was primary. Development -This map was going to be difficult. Well it looks easy but it is very difficult to get to the domination point. -Original title named was 'Snoop here and done!' -This map will be redesign. Episode 8-Sealing Description Now the CS knows how the Imperials enters the Prime universe and decides to destroyed it. Then one of the Imperials goes back through time and killed both the Terrorist leaders and Counter-Terrorist leaders but the Time-Traveler Terrorist manage to notice something change and traveled back and killed the last Imperial warrior and everything restores back to normal. The Time-Traveler Terrorist returns backed to the future with no status, presuming that it doesn't exist or it exist but the Imperials are gone and the CS are in excellent relations. Development -A similar plot to Star Trek:Armada episode,The Alpha and the Omega, Part II. -Original title named was 'Fall of the Empire' -Second title named was 'Fate and Destiny' -This is not the last episode. -'Fall of the Empire' was the last episode, the 15 episode but was cut short. -The 8th episode was about construction of the portal and the station was under attack by the Imperials, the the CS excluding the Time Traveler, gone to the Imperial Universe. -The 9th episode was called 'Sands in Time', where the portal failed and sends the team back to the past, another Time Traveler help them to get back to the present time, however, were attack by the Imperials who first tried to crossover the portal. -The 10th episode was called 'Squared', later 'The Scientists', upon arriving at a hidden location for resting place, the CS team, encounters the CT scientists trapped in the Mirror Universe and helped to build the portal and escaped from the Imperials and hid at this secret location, however 6 scientists were captured and must be rescued. -The 11th episode was called 'We do it like them', later 'Counter Strike', the CS wanted to do what they did to the Imperials, cutting off supplies. -The 'Alternate' 12th episode was called 'Seek the spy', but never draft, however another story was written. -The 12th episode was called 'Doom', a mysterious guy manage to send the CS to a possible future where their universe was conquered, however, the Scientist manage to transport them back safely. -The 13h episode was called 'Anomalies', strangely, some old fight comes to the Prime universe and heads back to solve it. -The 14th episode was called 'Restoration', the CS were transported to the War War II period and was the Europe was conquered by the Japan, the Germans fled to America, they found something odd, there were time travelers helping them and wanting to escape this time line. This story was like Star Trek:Enterprise,'Stormfront' -The 16th episode was called 'The future where we decide' an episode after 15th episode, set ahead 1510 years after the Imperial incursion, this episode depicts the Time Traveler's future, a historian examining this alternate time line, before he altered it. However, it was said that the Time Traveler was killed in battle, the historian paid a visit and interfere the timeline and manage to save the Time Traveler and the historian orders him to go back and help the CS teams where in episode 5. -The episodes 9 through 14 were never mapped. -Episodes 8 and 16 were mapped however, they are cut and will not be in the final release.
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