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A Map for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Just a small charming city at night. Use as RP. Main parts of map: Grave Yard, Town Center, PD/Bank area.

Basically its just a charming little town. The original intent was for it to be a zombie RP map for a GMod server. Well that eventually turned into just a normal RP map for hl2dm. Its been on syles RP for the past 4-5 months which was the number 1 RP server after its release. Now what does that tell you? (Before the map it was like number 5) The map is 99.5% custom as at the end i did steal 1 building from City45, the white apartment buildings. Now I know that is very wrong but i was being pressured to finish the map and trust me I just wanted to get this thing over with. Now around the map you'll see some billboards which say made by me or made for this server, but my favorite is the Snapple billboard. This is because Peach Snapple is the best shit on earth. Now some of you may say that the detail on the map is lacking in some areas. Well I had a lot of detail at the beginning of making this map but by the end i had to delete most of it. The map at the end ended with 99.8% of the brushes that hl2dm allows. Now i don't wanna hear the whole, You map must be really messy and shit. Its not, Ive scanned most of the map and i don't overlay brushes or anything. (except in the alleys i forgot to delete 4 brushes that i accidentally duplicated and didn't even notice. I was shining my light in the alleys and saw that it is a bit messed up) There is also a train that goes from the PD area to the grave yard in a giant track shaped like a shoe or lets say an L that has an outline? If your adding this map to your server be aware people glitch props into it and can crash the server with it. Make it a rule or somthing saying "you'll be perma banned if you do that" or what not. Ill probably add more description later but atm im getting bored of writing a description of the map. P.S: I hate the map, but seems like all mappers hate their own work. Oh well. If you like this map or use it on your server be sure to visit my site: or shoot me an email at My steam profile is also located here: Thanks, hope you all enjoy the map! Congrats to Logen and Flash for being first server to use the map after the public release. Didn't even take half a day for this map to be downloaded and put onto several RP servers. Keep spreading the word. Logens and Flashes Server IP: Also I just checked to see the Newest most downloaded map and we are in the lead!!! 14 downloads in 12 hours, ever other map is about 20 downloads in 15-20 days. /////// READ THE STUFF BELOW! /////// Also one last thing, my name is on a billboard, and in the secret credit room but i ask if you use it and have the advertisements script please give me a statement such as "Map made by: Tissue, visit him at" or something. And one more thing, please I know its possible to use the hacked VMEX to decompile maps that have protection, but please dont. I worked on this for several months and to have someone come in, download map, mod it and then say HEY LOOK AT MY AWESOME MAP I MADE, really ticks me off. Its like the whole uptown thing where the owners called it their map without giving the creator of downtown any credit. Creative Commons License
rp_freemancity_kbm_public_v1 by Joseph Roman Jankowiak is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at This goes for all versions of the map throughout the beta.


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Hammer editor, VTFedit, Photo shop, VTF Photo shop plug in, Gimp, Paint


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