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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

A war-torn bridge, frozen in time

My first release in over 6 months, due to a few rough patches in my life. Thankfully, this gave me time over this half of a year to sit down when I had the time and just work away on this map piece by piece, ensuring genuine detail and ideas instead of forced work. The brushwork in this map is some of my favorite and in my opinion some of my best work I've ever done. I paid an incredible amount of attention to detail and I'm really happy with the way it came out. The Map is essentially a small 2-lane bridge spanning a river in the middle of a war-torn city. The city itself hasn't yet been totally destroyed as fighting still rages in the distance. The Bridge, frozen in time at the exact moment of the attack. Forces clash once more on the bridge, civilians out of the equation, as the opponents go head to head in a fast-paced urban duck and cover environment. There isn't too many spots to go other than forward. Use the cover of the cars and debris to your advantage. You cannon enter any structures, only look, and survive long enough, you may even get to see a scripted event or two in the distance. Please report any bugs / problems with the map, as I will update the map download link regularly with an fixed version of the map. Be sure to check the change logs for your bugs
Statistics Solids: 1778 Faces: 10176 Point Entities: 521 Solid Entities: 359 Unique Textures: 84 Texture Memory: 53.70MB Displacements: 129 Direct Lights: 12 Cubemaps: 29 Work Time: Took me over 6 months. Actual work time probably sits at around 16 hours Final Compile Time: 15 Minutes Nav Generation Time: BETA Cubemap Compilation Time: 3 seconds




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I made the whole damn thing


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Silent Ricochet
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Applications Used: Valve Hammer Inspiration: Imagination, Half Life 2 Known bugs: RARE crash for no reason, may just be my PC. Can't seem to replicate it.
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