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Castle Wars

A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

05-31-11 - Note =============== I plan on editing this one of these days. Info ------------------ Map by: Nicholas P. Low a.k.a. nyro Contact: -



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    gokar123 Joined 7y ago
    The first screenshot looks like an evil castle...... good map 10/10
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    Metroid55 Joined 8y ago
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    Pros: Nice! Notes: Nice!


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    g0dliike Joined 8y ago
    Pros: nice map :D Cons: none Improvements: none :D


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    Ollie. Joined 8y ago
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    Pros: The detail put into this map is great. The castle walls are all perfectly made, the stairs and bridges have a worn feel, the displacements a beautifully put together to make the map feel whole. It's great to see a mapper who clearly cares for detail. Cons: Although being filled of mapping detail, the use of textures gives the map a very dull feel. Yes, it's an old castle so there's gonna be alot of brickwork, but it still doesn't really mean the map has to look boring. Try out a nicer skybox texture, with a warm feeling, and include an env_sun for lighting detail. Maybe decorate the inside of the castles with stereotypical strong dark reds carpets/candles/armour/paintings etc etc, just to break up the whole brick feel. Improvements: Noted above refering to textures/colour use. Notes: Overall, a great map, but could quite easily be turned into a stunning map.


    I'm a Brit. Get it right.
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    The Fool Joined 10y ago
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    Pros: I must admit that you really did put a lot of thought and effort into this map. I enjoy the detail and I'm happy to admit that the gameplay is great. Great work on the fog, clouds, and broken castle-walls!
    Cons: The skybox begins very obviously at the end of the water, and the map itself conveys a dreary and somber mood. The muddy textures and the dark environment isn't what players are necessarily looking for, as you'll notice that in most game maps the area is sunny and warm feeling. This will lower the popularity of your map and will lose downloads. From my experiences, giving the map textures such as sand or light-coloured granite will definitely improve the ratings that you receive for looks. As for the skybox, a temporary solution might be to add islands or perhaps mountain ridges in the distance, in addition to a very light fog. You can use the env_fog_controller entity with a start of [the distance between the back walls of each castle] and an end of around [the distance from one of the castles to the skybox]. Although the map is small, the quick gameplay and aesthetic design bring forth a very very nice type of match to counter strike. Perhaps, however, you should want to increase the size of the map using larger castles and islands connected by bridges for those players who prefer a longer round time. Just a suggestion.
    Improvements: Listed above.
    Notes: Great map. Great effort, detail, and design. I look forward to more work from you!


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    Mapper, Graphic Artist
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    Elvarg Joined 9y ago
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    thats epic :O
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