Tears for Tarnor

A Map for Alien Swarm

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An Alien Swarm campaign taking place on the hostile desert planet of Tarnor. The colony on Tarnor has mysteriously gone silent and a group of IAF marines has been ordered to the planet to investigate.

Tears for Tarnor, v0.10 Welcome to the harsh planet of Tarnor. A nearly airless rock circling an ancient Red Giant, the planet is subject to baking heat in the day and freezing colds at night. Despite the unforgiving nature of the planet, the bustling colony of Oasis thrives on the surface as a major trading hub. It's often been said that whatever you need you can find it at Oasis, for a price. However, the colony has recently lost it's voice, and it's heartbeat wanes, as something sinister has hatched deep within the research labs, in a project known only to a very few. Recently, all comm. traffic from Tarnor has mysteriously ceased, as such the IAF have sent in a squad to investigate why Oasis has lost it's voice. === 0.10: balances and bugfixes, nothing all that exciting really. though there's now audio cues for the spaceport finale. 0.9: bugfixes and balance. also fixed the game crashing issue when onslaught is played on map 3. 0.8: rebuilt 1st map, bugfixes for 2nd and 3rd 0.6: bug fixesin the 1st two missions and release of the 3rd mission 0.5: (should be 0.4.1 but AS can't handle that kind of version numbering): fixed the bug that prevents players entering the airlock once it's opened. 0.4: several bug fixs and re-balances for the 1st two missions. 0.3: This is the 1st public release of Tears for Tarnor, it includes playable versions of the 1st two missions. I hope you have fun and enjoy them. There's more to come.



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    Great map, but it's too short. It was hard to finish this map on Normal.

    Keep working, you're great. 9.3/10


  • 7y
    Notes: nice map - design!


    All you can do when do you wan
  • 7y
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    Pros: It is unique and it is challenging.
    I really enjoyed the first level.
    The "laser" near the end of the 2nd mission is unique, useful and very creative.

    Cons: It's very short. Just two missions in the map and the finale kinda leaves you feeling like this map is 5 missions short of a whole map.
    Also, the second round isn't very direct. There's a lot of backwards and forwards and this way and then that way and then back to here and then back to there. While overlapping once, is okay, doing it several times over is less okay.
    Improvements: If the 2nd mission is really the end, it needs to feel more final. Maybe Bloodhound is picking us up or we float off into space, etc. Just making it down a long corridor makes it feel as if something is missing.
    There needs to be more direction on the 2nd level. Sure, you can open your map and see where to go, but it's a whole lot of overlapping. The right side of the map is virtually useless... maybe put the generator (power source) up there rather than near the finale door? Also, it might be wise to block that part off until certain other areas are completed. This avoid players wandering around confused.
    Considering that playing on "normal" produces a HUGE number of aliens, it might be worth dropping more supplies in some key areas. Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall any health packs.
    Notes: I gave you a 7 on Design because it's just the 2 maps and mission 2 is very lost prone.
    I gave you an 9 on Fun because it is unique, entertaining and definitely worth playing.
    I gave you a 5 on gameplay because it's short and well, 2nd mission requires a lot of backtracking and time spent looking at the map trying to decipher the next move.
    The red atmosphere in mission 1 kinda disappears once you reach mission 2.
    You won't receive any XP from playing this map (since it's not an official map) but you can still get achievements.


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    Death Comes with us.


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Key Authors
story, level design


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