TheQueen_by_soulim final_ver.

A Map for Alien Swarm

----------French---------- Bonjour, Voilà la version finale de ma campagne:The_Queen_by_Soulim. J'ai fait quelque modification, comme les starting ce fait a l'extérieur que de l'intérieur,j'ai rajoute deux objective de plus. Objective: -Kill 200 drones -Kill 1 Queen -Kill 15 biomass et la zone pour finir la campagne,Oui maintenant on peut finir la campagne,mais la zone pour s'échappe,je ne pas pu la faire derrière le grillage,car vous l'avez surement constate qu'on ne peut pas y allé, ce problème viens du tools nodraw,utilise pour souleve le grillage et du tools clip que j'ai rajoute dans la fonction func_brush avec le tools_black,et les sols etc... sans faire exprès. Donc si je supprime le tools clip, tout la map disparition xD. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, pour finir la campagne faudra faire tous les objective et après allé devant le grillage. J'etais sur le mapping d'un autre campagne ,que j'ai fait tous moi même sans le tilgen etc... Que je nommée Quarantaine zone, qui sortira dans pas longtemps , Quand j'ai eu l'idée 'améliore ma campagne The_Queen_by_Soulim. Regarde la différence :D --------------English-------------- Hello This is the final version of my campaign: The_Queen_by_Soulim. I made some modification, as this has the starting outside than the inside, I added two more objective. Objective: -Kill 200 Drones -Kill a Queen -Kill 15 biomass and the area to finish the campaign, Yes now you can finish the campaign, but the area to escape, I could not do it behind the fence, because you have probably found that you can not go there, this problem come from nodraw tools, used to fence and raised the clip that I added tools in the function func_brush tools_black, and soils etc. ... without purpose. So if I delete the clip tools, while the disappearance map xD. But do not worry, finishing the campaign will make all the objective and then flew to the fence. I was on the mapping of another campaign, I have done myself without tilgen etc. ... I called Quarantine Zone, which will be released not long ago when I had the idea 'The_Queen_by_Soulim improves my campaign. Look at the difference:D
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    lol, I did with all tilgen thing I left in the countryside above (beta) but after all the other stuff I will add them did, and I'm not going over 3 minutes .. . and also before I used tilgen because I did not do much but now I know myself well, and I know how much more stuff than before and I'm even on a new campaign or done anything with there tilgen all I am doing, yes, all!
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    This sucks balls so much. Everything is done with the fucking tilegen. Dont you asshole have the time to do the maps on your own?? Learn something new bitch. You just rushed this map. You lie that you are making map "without tilegen" Bullshit, you make a room with hammer in like 30 sec and add it to tilegen, then add few rooms and thats it. This shitstorm started when some fuckhead found the queen and now everyone is spamming poor tilegen maps with queen. There should be new theme and stuff. Not just this gray laboratory shit. You did this map just because of downloads. There is nothing else you wanted. Fuck off this site please...
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    Blood red temptation.
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