Outpost 5

A Map for Alien Swarm

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Resistance is futile...

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Destroy all the eggs in an overrun colony and kill a lot of aliens.

This is a Tilegen but I tried to add enough detail and change it up enough to make it worthwhile. Enjoy. Put vpk file in addons folder.



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    that's actually a fun tilegen map! However there were some bugs like missing mission picture texture and an incorrect credits file and download link. I fixed those minor bugs to play it. Could you upload the fixed version as update here?  Dropbox
  • 7y
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    Pros: Love the forklift with the horde following behind. Also, the vast amount of eggs definitely require some teamwork and really, who doesn't love meleeing eggs?
    Cons: It's really just the one level. So game play is really short. There's no real new content (unless you count the burning forklift). Also, until you've played once, you don't realize that you have to kill so many aliens, that this feels very "survival"-ish. There's not really a "go in this direction and do this" type of game play.
    Improvements: I'm at a loss for what you could do to improve this. I think most players want something new when playing a custom map. Maybe rather than all indoor type areas, there could be an outside area. Maybe that elevator will take you to a second level that actually requires you to go somewhere and do something other than kill a bunch of eggs and a bunch of swarm. Players tend to dislike a map where everything is pretty much the same - so variety is your friend. Maybe a wire hack/computer hack area that leads to an area where an event will happen (kind of like your elevator event but not so much that you have to kill hundreds of swarm but rather has a time limit).
    Notes: If you like killing eggs and swarm, this map is perfect for you. I enjoyed all 10 minutes of it.
    I gave you a 7.5 for design because the idea is unique (for now) and because the flaming forklift made me chuckle. That was creative - don't be lazy with the rest of the map!
    I gave you a 9 for gameplay because despite the shortness of the map and the lack of wire hacks/computer hacks and any real events (other than the part where you escape), it is enjoyable. It's just short and probably won't inspire people to play it over and over.
    I gave you a 5 on looks. There's no special about how this map looks. It's all the same type of rooms, the same textures, etc. While that's understandable for one level, since this map is only one level, it can be very monotonous.


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  • 7y
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    Hi, your comments made, so that your map is seen in small, lower right. pliz!
  • 7y
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    I added a forklift crash sequence, an overturned burning forklift, lots of blood and bodies, flickering lights, inaccessible lower level, a stuck elevator sequence, extra detailing, ammo, medkits, extra eggs, a minimap, pipes overhead, steamjets triggered by exploding barrels, a breakable barricade, retextured the entire map and other things.

    I know it's the same rooms, but they are put together differently and my additions should add some life to it.

    Besides, this is my first alien swarm release. Just wanted to see how it all works. I am now working on a level from scratch set in a jungle/forest type environment and it will come out soon, so quit your whining :p

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    I don't think shooting aliens can ever NOT be fun, sorry.
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    I had lunch with your mom once
  • 7y
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    This is just the same boring environment with same stuff etc. This is spam like the recolors and poor retextures in skins section. Please delete this or the site gets stuck.
    Blood red temptation. avatar
    Blood red temptation.
  • 7y
    airsoft343 avatar
    airsoft343 Offline
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    Tilegens are boring and show very little creativity! The less we have on FPSBanana, the better!
    I'm sorry to be so harsh, but Tilegens are just no fun :/


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July 27, 2010

Added cubemaps and fixed an error in the campaigns file that prevented running in vpk format.

Reduced the number of drones to kill in the finale from 400 to 250.


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