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GM_Geonosis_Plains_beta1 - a big Star Wars map on Geonosis

_____________________ Gm Geonosis Plains beta 1 _____________________ Features: - Large open plain with cliffs around it - Destructable Techno Union Ship (aim right above the fuel cells :D) - Near-to-lifesize Trade Federation Battleship core - SPHA-T Walker with interior and useable laser - extra buttons in the SPHA-T Walker to call for gunship reenforcements in the skybox - hint nodes near points of interest



  • 7y
    LordTrilobite avatar
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    Thanks for the extensive review.
    Anyhow, first of all, you are incorrect when you say the buttons don't do anything. I suppose I should have made it more visible or something. But when you press the green button, three gunships appear in the 3d skybox on the left of the walker and start flying towards the enemy, they make a turn, go back and make the round all over again. The red button beside the green one resets and stops these gunships.

    I never meant that you could aim the laser towards the Techno Union Ship, though in this case too maybe I should have been more clear on this.
    The idea was that you use weapons like in the movie to destroy it.

    And the entire map is all displacements, the big plain only has some slight bumps in it, since it's a plain. But I guess I can increase these bumps here and there. I agree the middle is kinda plain and open. But partly that's the point. It leaves loads of space for building, flying and posing.

    And yes, it uses pretty much the entire Hammer grid.
    Thanks again for the review.
    It's a conspiracy. avatar
    It's a conspiracy.
  • 7y
    The Alien avatar
    The Alien Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    I have a bone to pick with you.

    When I first saw this map it looked intriguing enough to spark my curiosity and I downloaded it. Once it was done downloading I extracted the files to my garrysmod maps folder and I then launched Garry's Mod itself and loaded the map.

    When I got my first glimpse at the map I can tell that yes, it was large, it must have tooken a nice portion of Hammer's grid size to make it. The cliffs were indeed nicely done, the subdivide feature is an awesome tool to use in Hammer ;) The brush work on the Walker was actually quite nice, making complex shapes like that and aligning them right takes a lot of work. The interactive feature on the walker was a very nice touch, the ability to fire a lazer is always a nice touch :) I would also like to comment on the 3D skybox, I never could get the 3D skybox feature to work properly and this particular one is indeed, nice. Adding the objects in the 3D skybox and the movable ones makes the map seem so much more a live then just a regular ol skybox.

    But there are the lesser features of the map. For one, you said you could destroy the sphere type structure by aiming the cannon at the fuel rods which you cant do either. It was very disappointing when I found that out :( Not to mention that the two smaller buttons dont appear to do anything. I pressed both of them multiple times and nothing happened, no reinforcements, nothing.
    This is more of a minor conflict but you could have at least added some displacements to the ground. having some rather than none makes the ground much more pleasing to the eye. Dull grounds however, are not.

    Well, this map has
    great potential and can make an extremely fun map to play on but those details you advertised are false. Sorry. I also want to say this, add ambiance! Having sounds of an authentic Star Wars battle would be indeed, awesome.
    The Loremaster


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Member Joined 10y
2,096 points Ranked 2256th

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