A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

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LooxLMC Hey i have done this map all on my shelf. This map is easy to install to just go in to my movie on youtube or go in to my channel Here is a guide how to install my map on text-------> would you download my map to your counter strike source server? or maybe just try it in counter strike source? -Installation- first you need to download my map which I have at the bottom of this page. file that you download is in. exe and called Fy_TheHouse_Norush_inreal.exe file is in. exe to make it easier for you to install. For CSS ONLY! -1 - First you need to find your counter strike source folder located in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ username \ counter-strike source \ strike -Important-you must change the username for your user name or else it is the wrong map! and note that it is Program Files (x86 )-----> is for Windows 7 that I have. but if you have vista or xp, you can delete the (x86) deta was the first way to find your strike map. You will need it later. If you can not find it so you can search for steamapps. For it leads you to your user name. If you find your user name on steam so you can find counter strike folder. If you find it so, just go into the strike folder! You is now done with step one! -2 - My. Exe, just enter C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ username \ counter-strike source \ strike \ maps if you have found so strike visit maps. Then copy the link as I have done in mapen maps when you're done, just press install. Just CSS SERVER! it is the same as CSS, but that you enter on your counter cstrike cstrike source server so it can look like this C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ steamapps \ username \ source dedicated server \ strike \ maps but if there is a map called Maps. you can put in anything but the fromatet the map is. bsp. Now you're done! all by LooxLMC



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for doing all the map


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I have trying to do the best zip so it dont take so mush space on your harddrive. tracking pixel