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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

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Aim map for either GunGame or AIM play.

This map was created by Bloodroar for use on any public or private server. Credit must be given where credit is given, but in all other cases, have fun!



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    Pros: Hey Blood, pretty sweet beginner map you have here. There were a few things that I liked about it.
    • Even though the map was small, the gameplay was still fun. I had a 8v8 match with bots and had quite a few quick and fun games.I noticed a few problems with it, but I will get into those in the cons section.
    • I like how you incorporated breaking brushes into the map. They added cover, but you had to watch yourself because the cover was not permanent.
    • I also liked the awp and teleporters you added. It was a cool idea, but I have a few complaints about it.

    Cons: While the map was good for a beginner, I still have a few negative points to add as well.
    • My biggest complain has to be the lack of ligthing. If you don't add any light entities to the map, ever surface and textures recieves the same amount of light during compile and looks terrible. For your next map I suggest adding light entities to give the map a more natural look. There are plenty of tutorials on the site for how to properly add lighting and I highly reccomend looking into one. It will make your maps look so much better.
    • I felt that even though the breakable pillars were nice, they were more of a nuisance than anything else. The only way to get around them was to shoot them, and that seemed to bottleneck things at the spawns. This leads me into my next point:
    • When I played with the bots, I noticed that it took a while for them to get out of the spawns. I think for you next map, you could try to make the spawns/entire map a little bit bigger in order to get rid of bottlenecking.
    • I did like the addition of the AWP/teleports but found that they had no real use while playing a match. First off, you had to jump on a teammate to get to the teleport, and once you got the awp, you were still suseptable to gunfire. If a person saved up enough money, they could just buy and AWP from the buy menu and not have to worry about using the teleporter.

    Improvements: I say for your next map you should change a few things:
    • Add lighting, it will make your map look 100x better
    • Make the map bigger. I would suggest having open spawns, and make it multi-leveled.
    • If you add a place to get a gun in the map, remove the buy zone. The buy zone defeats the purpose of having a weapon in the map. There is a way to make a player spawn with a certain weapon, and I could explain how to do that if you would like. I would also suggest having the weapon zone outside the map, or hidden within the map so a player can have a reasonable chance of getting it
    • Expand on the textures you use. When you have textures that match each other it makes the map look really good. i.e. different types of metal.

    Notes: I don't mean to toot my own horn, but you could look at this map I made that illustrates the points I adressed above: lighting, textures and open spawns. You can find more maps that show these off as well, but whatever. Don't take offense to the low-ish score, it doesn't mean the map it bad, it just means that you have things to improve on. Let me know if
    you have any comments/questions over this assessment.


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Development Info

This map contains breakable pillars and 2 teleport locations that lead to an awp! The teleport location will not be revealed, but I expect it to be discovered quickly.

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