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I represent to you aim_ship! The idea of this map has come suddenly. Some ships fallen asleep in unknown ices. Everywhere cold. All in ices. weapon: deagle,knife Have fun :D



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    This map looks like BC2. Too bad I don't have CS:S right now D: otherwise I'd be playing it.
    .the edge of the shadow.
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    Thanks all.
    I will consider your wishes and remarks.
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    Posted by Slimnooze

    *Wall of text*

    If you're serious about what you wrote, you wouldn't give him a 9.7/10.

    The map is far from perfect, and there's alot of things that could be improved. What I see from your screenshots is a giant displacement surface, and a bunch of prop models scattered around.

    The bloom is way overdone, and it makes the snow texture almost impossible to see because you're constantly blinded by the bright light.

    If you look at the screenshots, it's hard to make out the the actual layout of the map, all I see is a white surface with 3 copied props. It's something any mapper could make in a couple of minutes. At least spend a few more days on your map before you decide to release your possible update of the map.

    Anyway, here's some tips you can use to help improve your map:

    * Tone down the bloom
    * Add more props and details to keep it from looking like a giant empty canvas
    * Make some variation between the boats
    * Custom textures and weather effects


    årgh avatar
  • 7y
    Slimnooze avatar
    Slimnooze Offline
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    GAMEPLAY: It's pretty funny! That's the most relevant issue here. An original map configuration becomes into a quirky and new way of gameplay experience, drawing your way through a graveyard of a bunge of corroded ships. Pluss those several compartments and cabins gives lots of places to hide. Was pretty good thing to make the ground walkable, as frozen water... you will have a second plane of action besides the ships' decks.
    DESIGN: The design is awesome! Refreshing and far way new on CS maps scope. At first i though there was only two ships setted parallel to each other, but then i realized there were more than 2 ships... this is amazing! You will be jumping out from one deck to another hunting motherf*ck*r terros.
    LOOK: The ambience is also well done with that bleak looking. The signs of time test over those ships are clear, very realistic! those oxided bows helps a lot on ambience issue, good work on textures.

    GAMEPLAY: I could become pretty anoying if you die early and all it least is bots... well bots were never clever x) so it's not your fault. The true is that gameplay is one of deepest CONS. in this map, ¿reason? Available Armament: Only Deaglea and Knife... i know deagle maps are pretty popular and liked but with so many places to hide should be assault weapons available, like M4 and AK, they are better and funnier to fire.
    DESIGN: A little unreal is the way you distributed this boats around. It's actually skybox's issue: an enviroment like this suggests a kind of glacier where the ships are... well the should be stranded only, cuz people just don't park ships in the middle of a glacier or some other place full of ice (which is what this landscape seens to be). The ships suggest they are parked like in a dock, but enviroment don't support that scenario. Skybox needs to be changed! in order to improve the realism.
    LOOK: Most of textures are just low resolution. Some ship's are actualy repeated around, you should work a little on each one of them in order to make 'em look diferent eachother.

    GAMEPLAY: You really should make a dm_ version of this map. Enhance the interactivity and map features (like openable doors, rooms and stuff like that)
    DESIGN: A little blizzard would be great! and some sound effects along with it. Add some prefabs like fishing ropes, fishnets, and those things that fishermans left on their boats after season's end. Pliss add a better skybox!!! And you should work on ship's look cuz they look same. Just working a little bit over it's textures it will work fine.
    LOOK: Find some better and detailed textures dude! this engine supports it and this one looks like an 1.6 map

    Notes So cool!!! The idea is sublime and so diferent to all before!!! The map concept is great but it's still so improvable. The only bad thing is the deagle stuff, should have more weapons to fire here...


    Experience the Slimnoozephere avatar
    Experience the Slimnoozephere
  • 7y
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    smalex Offline
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    lol i want to play this...


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