Ice Bound Inferno (Metal Gear)

A Map for Garry's Mod

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Metal Gear Solid (SOURCE)

There are still a few bugs but other than that this is pretty set in stone.... This Is a map of The Dock Heliport and Tank Hanger of Shadow Moses from Metal Gear Solid (Based off of the Metal Gear Solid 4 appearance) Have Fun Kill some combine this map is all around set up for death match or construction do as you see fit after all it is Garry's Mod. **UPDATE** Version 16 Added no draw to a lot of unseen surfaces. Added the props and tables as they are in MGS4 to the third storage room to the left of the Helipad. Slightly increased dock elevator speed. Fixed a few boxes from falling over at start up on the second floor of the tank hanger. Reworked the tank hanger exit to be more accurate to MGS4. Edited the heliport to be more MGS4 accurate. Added the AR2 pulse rifle to the map. Added some Hint/Skip brushes. Added more spawn points. Removed start point from Version 12 (the underwater start point). NOTE: Version 12 (Initial Release) Will be replaced when you put this in your GMOD maps folder The Screen shots above are now outdated but still show the same layout as the new version.



  • 7y
    Wofa2tens avatar
    Wofa2tens Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    192 points Ranked 18286th
    Nice work.
    Can you cross it also on css please.
    For ardent supporter.
    Thank you
  • 7y
    GrOXoS avatar
    GrOXoS Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    423 points Ranked 10003rd
    Pros: Great .. :D remember me , old times
    Cons: -


    GrOXoS avatar
  • 7y
    [h+]Kazuhira avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    380 points Ranked 10901st
    Like I said based off of the MGS4 appearance in the description I made the docks lighting more dimmer and more towards MGS4's lighting effect after all the base was abandoned lights get bad after along time
    Epic Tier 3 Engineer
  • 7y
    NoZTriX avatar
    NoZTriX Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    very good, but as I remember it, the lightning in the sewer was more bluish.
    And wasn't it night instead of daylight?
    All I hear is noise
  • 7y
    Bakscratch avatar
    Bakscratch Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    781 points Ranked 5870th
    One of the coolest maps iv seen good job.
  • 7y
    [h+]Kazuhira avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    380 points Ranked 10901st
    Thanks Tobi I plan on making the rest of Shadow Moses in the future Ive been working on this for just about a year so I'm taking a break
    Epic Tier 3 Engineer
  • 7y
    fury# avatar
    fury# Offline
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    I loved this map in MGS4. Nice work. Looks very well done.


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Key Authors
Special Thanks
Hideo Kojima
Creating Metal Gear Solid


[h+]Kazuhira avatar
Member Joined 8y
380 points Ranked 10901st

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