A Map for Team Fortress 2

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Fighting for dominance in a sandvich powered world!

Deceit b7b The truth is obscured! currently available in Strawberry Beta flavour! It would seem that once again the fortress builders have gotten away with building two hostile bases right next door to each other, and neither side has cottoned on to this deceptive money (and gravel) making scheme! Hidden away behind seemingly innocent buildings, 2 secret bases work tirelessly to uncover alternative power sources in the increasingly desperate times as gravel supplies run out. Top of the list is a deathray powered only by sandviches. However, it seems the other faction have had similar ideas, and now the bases do little more than fight to try and get a peek at the other team's plans. changelog: b7b: - added missing playerclips to the middle buildings. - added playstuff-blueprint certificate. :) b7a: - added a couple of walls, (and supporting asthetics) to the middle of each base, to counter sightline issues created by the new spawn exit. - nudged the nobuild area in the intel room slightly to prevent people building on the top of the stairs. - removed and changed some pickups in the bases. - made the platform over the main entrance slightly wider. b7: - added planks over the gaps in the sewers, as some people thought the gap was too large to traverse. - covered up the "open" door on the top of the red base with wooden planks to make it obvious that it cannot be accessed. - minor changes to areaportals to prevent them merging undesirably. - minor changes to the displacements at the back of each base so that players move more smoothly across them. - flipped the middle buildings to get desired sniper sightlines. - added/changed the fade distance on many props. - removed the healthpacks from the bridge. - changed the areaportal on the window at the front of each base into an areaportal_window. b6: - added extra structures to the centre area to break up sightlines. - extended the spawn room and added a new exit point to improve flow. - added a doorway between the main path through the base and the sewer. b5: - removed the blocking walkway at the front of each base. - added a small defensible area with an ammo pack in the corners of the lower middle area. - changed the connectivity of the battlements, and allowed access to the roof of the main entrance for all classes via the battlements. - lowered the height of the battlements (and roof) to prevent falldamage when walking off of it and falling to the ground below (bridge height ground) - pushed the spawn room 384 units backwards, to allow for changes that encourage players to use a more direct path out of the base. - made the door leading into the courtyard be permanently open. - added a fence near the courtyard to offer more protection for those in the courtyard from attacks from above (primarily sentry arcs). - minor clipping and asthetic changes/fixes. - changed the colour of sapper fluid spills to make them more visible. b4: - added a new path to the intel from the courtyard. - increased the trigger area for most doors. - prevented sentries from being built on the shelves, creating a very strong height advantage over players entering from the lower entrance. - added a medkit to the courtyard. - minor clipping adjustment on the crates on the train flatbeds to prevents players getting stuck against them. b3: - added sapper fluid barrels and sapper fluid spills. (no-build areas) - fixed the missing piece of ceiling in blu base. - fixed some minor clipping issues. - added some more clutter around the bases. - added some clutter around the fake door in the courtyards outside the intel rooms to further emphasize that it is not useable - changed the position of the support beam for the covered walkway/bridge to remove the issue of people getting caught out trying to go through a gap that is too small to fit through. - added some more details to the skybox. - spruced up the intel rooms. now they include a shelving unit full of boxes (that we can only assume contain more sandvich ingredients). b2: - extended the spawn time a little. - changed the soundscapes. - made a minor change to the sky-lighting. - realised that people will want to get onto certain roofs, so allowed this. (e.g. the roof above the main entrance). - added a new path out of the base and added geometry to reduce sniper sightlines for the sniper deck and to prevent 2fort syndrome on the new path of of the base. - further detailing. - expanded skybox. - added more cover to the centre. - extended the edges of the bridge to better hide the sewer entrances from the sniper decks. - added a playerclip ramp to the sewer entrances in the middle to prevent people getting stuck when trying to enter it from the side. b1: - many, many changes! a1: - initial release.


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    Sweet map i really like the battlements, if they were made more accesible, we might have winning map. Also Couchathletics did a map test, feedback can be found here:
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    Looks like cool map, but please give us more screenshots. I will download this later.
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    Pros: The map is nice and plays quickly. It has adequate cover and plays generally well. I likes this map very much :) Cons: The layout is somewhat confusing, every time I run out my spawn I run straight to the intel room, I have no idea why, it just seems like the way that should lead to the mid. Improvements: Make the routes to mid more obvious. Notes: Nice map in general, good work!
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