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Diescraper Redux

A Map for Left 4 Dead 2

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Diescraper Redux is a four map campaign, where the survivors battle through an abandoned military outpost and up to the top of a skyscraper in hope of being rescued.



Manual installation instructions:

1. Extract files into your Steam\SteamApps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\Addons\ directory, or double click the VPK file.


Identical to workshop version.

This campaign might be underoptimized for low-performance computers.

In your first playthrough, please enable the instructor. Some of the areas can be confusing without it.

This campaign is playable both in the stable version of L4D2, and the EMS beta. Depending on version the weapon spawns in the finale behave differently.


Version 3.6:


-Replaced brushwork with models in many places. 

This should improve performance in open areas in the skyscraper.

Map 2:

-Added support for Gnome Guardians.

Map 4:

-Ammo boxes can now be used twice by any player and have better sound effects and hints.

-Replaced the random low-ammo tier 2 weapon spawns with more traditional ones.

-Fixed the chairs in the corner executive office being able to block the door.

-The shiny ball statue now fits through the door to the corner executive office.

-Added windsock to the helipad. 

-Added support for Gnome Guardians.

Version 3.5:


-Hints now show for all players.

-Added survivor clips to some hard to reach spots.

-Toned down the spotlight effects.

-Misc. detailing and optimization.

Map 1:

-Disabled intro camera in versus.

-Disabled fall damage and spit in the elevator.

-Made some of the cars in the garage static.

-Deleted some of the physics cars in versus.

-Added clip brushes over static cars.

-Added small area before the basement staircase drop.

-Made the smoke effect more transparent.

-Added broken wall between two apartments.

Map 2:

-Moved obstructing light.

-Increased the clearance on some infected-only areas.

-The breakable wall in the breakroom can now be broken by all infected in versus.

-Added another hole in the ceiling in the alarm event.

Map 3:

-Added more maneuvering area and railings at the ladders.

-Added LOS blocks to hopefully prevent premature coop tank spawns in the staircase.

-Added infected ladder to the first one-way drop.

-Removed the random barricade after the event.

Map 4:

-Added new decals and props.

-Added railings below the helipad.

-Added breakable wall and broken to conference room.

-Added custom breakable statue.

-All infected can now break the windows.

-Added limited use ammo boxes to the coop finale.

-Fixed special infected not spawning in Holdout.

From Version 3.41:

-Even more instructor messages.

-Added small outdoor area to the first skyscraper lobby.

-Added override to Skymall event, in case the script fails.

-Redesigned the climbing section at the end of the third level.

-Added non-EMS alternative to the finale weapon spawning.

-Slightly adjusted helipad wind.

-Misc. bug fixes and detailing.

From Version 3.40:

-Further improved instructor messages and glows.

-Made the finale route shorter in versus.

-Changed and shortened the outro.

-Improved coop finale weapon spawns.

-Optimized finale map to make holdout work.

-Added the gunhunt random spawning mechanism to holdout.

-Misc. bug fixes.

From Version 3.3:

-Fixed helicopter clipping bug.

-Changed finale weapon behavior.

-Improved instructor messages.

-Misc. bug fixes.

-Added support for several EMS gamemodes.

From Version 3.2:

-Added Burger Tank signs!

-Fixed players getting stuck in the elevator ceiling.

-Fixed elevator floor number signs fading on low settigns.

-Reverted the skymall event behaviour due to fixed game bug.

-Helicopter animation now displays correctly at the end of the outro.

-Improved instructor messages.

-Improved onslaught event balance.

-Slightly increased item/weapon spawns.

-It's now slightly easier to to stay on the helipad.

-Apartment building now closer to meeting fire-safety standards.

-Minor detailing, tweaks and performance improvements.

From Version 3.1:

-More improvements for versus.

-The helicopter now has a pilot and more speech.

-Changed the skymall event to use onslaught scripts instead of a minifinale.

-Added an incentive to use the howitzer in versus.

-Improved infected spawning on the catwalks in the finale.

-Changed the way the elevator in the first level works.

-Made the wind effect on the helipad more noticeable.

-Removed medkits from the breakroom in versus.

-Misc. detailing and improvements.

From Version 3:

-Versus gameplay improvements.

-Tweaked item spawns.

-Added tier 2 weapons earlier in versus.

-Added more infected ladders.

-Fixed versus boss spawning.

-The elevator doors on the second map stay open until the button is pressed.

-Finale improvements.

From Beta 2:

-Split first level into two, and added new content.

-Improved event and finale scripts.

-Changed the music theme to the one from No Mercy.

-Added failsafe to intro cinematic in case it breaks.

-Dynamic autoexposure based on director anger in the first two levels.

-Improved item spawning in the finale.

-More detailing.

From Beta 1:

-Added opening and ending cinematics.

-Improved optimization on the third level.

-Added custom vscripts to events and finale.

-Added new rooms in the staircases on the second level.

-Turning the helipad lights is now optional, but speeds up helicopter arrival time.

-Tweaked item spawn rates.

-Added more diverse infected populations.

-The elevator saferoom can now be closed from the inside console.

-Added M60 and golfclub.

-Added a weapon related gimmick to the finale.

-Randomized car alarms.

-Misc. detailing and bugfixes.

From release candidate:

-Added new element to coop finale.

-Added a rare dynamic block in second map.

-Optimization improved in some areas.

-Increased detailing.

-Various bugfixes.



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    Great map, smooth gameplay maybe a bit too many doors in map 3 (offices) but still nicely done 10/10
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  • gH0sTy avatar
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    Posted by mkervheist Missing a lot of textures. The walls aren't there, so it just turns into an over saturated mess. Giant ERROR marks, purple/black textures. Any way to fix this?
    Have you installed the Left 4 Dead 2 Add-on Support ? Go to your Steam Tools Tab and install it if you don't have it.
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  • mkervheist avatar
    mkervheist Joined 11y ago
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    Missing a lot of textures. The walls aren't there, so it just turns into an over saturated mess. Giant ERROR marks, purple/black textures. Any way to fix this?
    Headbang into infinity
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    Sk4yt Joined 12y ago
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    Love the map. While playing with a friend, I found a weird bug, which resulted in me flying through the glass window and off into the abyss. To do it: 1) Break the Atlas statue at the finale with a few melee weapon strikes. 2) Make sure the giant globe rolls right next to the plant stand. 3) Jump on the plant stand. 4) From there, crouch jump onto the globe. 5) Now you can fly. It's incredibly funny.
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    Looks amazing =) great work!
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