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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

aim_silo made by Lg.designer Included The Navigation Mesh + radar ___________________________________________ cstrike / Maps : aim_silo.nav aim_silo.txt materials/overviews: aim_silo.vtf aim_silo.vmt aim_silo_radar.vtf aim_silo_radar.vmt resource/overciews : aim_silo.txt ___________________________________________ silo - aim from underground... Counter-Terrorists/ Terrorists / : Win or die. Other Notes: "clipping" for AIM game play Credits: by Lg.designer ___________________________________________



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    Pros: The major pro of this map is its gameplay. Being fun and balanced, it ensures some really fun games. Another good part of the map is the overall feeling of warmth it gives. Finally, it has some really good lighting. Cons: All the cons are closely related to the aesthetic design of the map, not its layout. First of all, The whole theme is totally unrealistic. Why make a storage with wooden crates and containers where the missile blast may damage them? Although the idea is really cool, it is nowhere close to realistic. A mine theme with that opening would be way better in my opinion. This was a major flaw in my opinion. The following two are just smaller ones. 1)The police line is supposed to be a simple nylon tape but you used it as rigid railing and hang it on some wires which doesn't make sense. I would suggest to remove it or use it just like in cs_assault. 2)You placed some powerboxes in the map and that is good. What is bad is the way you placed them. You've practically hang them on the dirt walls. You can't actually do that since they weight quite a lot, so I would suggest you to either place them on the floor or place some sort of poles textured with metallic truss and hang them on those poles. Finally, I would like to point out something that really disappointed me: the opening in the middle. I went under the opening and looked up hoping to see something interesting but there wasn't. Converting the whole map to a mine, you could have that opening detailed just like in Half-Life Episode Two where you could see some concrete structures and lots of vegetation and then, the bright sky. Notes: A worthy map if what you are looking for is gameplay. If what you are seeking is a more stylish and/or realistic map, you should probably look somewhere else.


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    Looks Pretty good. Lets see if are a lag maps. xD
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    Make the vid way smaler it`s streching the page :S. Btw looks good :D
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