The Great Class Dash

A Map for Team Fortress 2

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A Team Fortress Side-Scroller Game

The Great Class Dash By Dylan 'Steaky' Loney A new-and-exciting Team Fortress Platformer. Use all nine classes to make your way to the end of four unique levels. For more information, please visit This game was started as part of a mapping contest, and the feedback I got encouraged me to finish the project. I have done my best to try to get the game to run with as few problems as possible, but there are still some glitches in the game (the class selection can be especially tricky, and may glitch if you try to change classes too quickly). I appologize if this happens. Special thanks to for their work on the Swamp pack. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback about the game.



  • 1y
    wait i have to place the tf folder in my tf2 folder? but i have some mods in my tf2 files is it actually really safe if i replace all the files and other crap in the tf stuff?
    im from kazakhstan now what?
  • 2y
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    It seems to be stuck on the loading screen for me. I waited around 10-15 minutes and nothing happened.

    Nick-Tan is Best Tan avatar
    Nick-Tan is Best Tan
  • 3y
    ^Battybin^ avatar
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    I just found out how to fix this problem,go to option and bind movement button,then go to mouse setting and slide mouse sensitivity move to near middle and done.
    The Pyro avatar
    The Pyro
  • 7y
    plutgamer avatar
    plutgamer Offline
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    Thank you and F*ck you.
    Thanks for the cool mod,
    but mah tf2 is messed up as hell.
  • 7y
    LOLballz55 avatar
    LOLballz55 Offline
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    You WOULD have received a Approve, but you messed up my aim controls, and your console commands are not available in the Engineer Update version of Team Fortress 2.
  • 7y
    Wellll, cant move or aim, only shoot one direction taunt and jump, all classes....I'm trying everything, just un-installed the game....still nothing.
  • 8y
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    Posted by Zamooor

    Posted by Tron619

    I cant move my mouse either,how can i fix it?

    I had the same problem and fixed it by turning my mouse sensitivity up.

    To both of you and benumi: look in the readme, there is a command that includes the word "backspace" that will restore your key binds

    to the creator: great mod. swamp is pissass hard, though
    Well, maybe the bread. Maybe.
  • 8y
    Booster37 avatar
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    Well, I forgot to come back to edit my review as I actually finished playing through the Volcano and Swamp levels just after I wrote my initial review.

    I'm sticking with what I wrote for the cons, because the constant swapping of players became more tedious and almost became a test of speed and memorization of keys more than skill (unless you consider memory skill, lol). The soldier class needs to be utilized for something more useful than simply doing damage at the very end. Still great work!


    Fire God avatar
    Fire God
  • 8y

    THE GOOD: Its a fun game, challenging and very clever not to mention tricky to master at some moments but that only adds to the fun of it all...I easily would recommend this to anyone of my friends who want a break from other severs if they are losing or the game was lagging. The game challenges the player to remember certain commands at the right time to keep advancing or be forced back to the last check point and it reminds me of Cannanbalt but only way more cool since you can do so many more things...not to mention its more colorful and involves TF2 references!

    THE BAD: Perhaps at times a little too difficult. I was the volcano level and it took me at least a good ten minutes to reach the second check point! I had to switch between six different classes so quickly at times I lost track of the switch commands and was constantly sent back to the last check point over and over again...don't know if others had this same issue or if I'm just not as skilled a player at fast 2-D games but I gave up upon reaching the third marker of the level! There are several things that could be done to make this gave a bit easier for players, but I don't need to list them as of yet

    THE UGLY: Not much to say here honestly the worst thing I ran into was some occasional glitches like where I could make some classes do the jobs of others (which mind you seeing the scout run through a wall the heavy was supposed to break was funny! XD) and also when some classes would jump forward in the map instead of switching right where you had been standing...a little confusion there and in turn cost me some points but no real big deal. Over all thats about it.

    One last issue I ran into was that of at each character description screen I once accidentally moved my mouse and it caused the whole screen to shift and I was now looking on a big white sky box background with some shades of the levels sky. I could easily turn it back but it was a little strange. Might want to find a way to lock that down in the updated version should one be made.

    FINAL SCORE: 8/10
  • 8y
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    I love side scrollers


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