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Fortress Groningen (RC2)

A Map for Company of Heroes

This map is based on a real fortress called Vesting Bourtange in the north of the Netherlands. The streets are narrow and not ideal for tanks. Control the fortress to give your enemy a hard time

Mapinfo: - Maximum players: 6 - Playable area: 512x512 - Creator: Martin *Kouji San* Borgman - Creator website: - Weahter options: MP_LYON_MIDDAY, MP_LYON_DAWN, CLOSE_RIVER_COMBAT_STORMY, CLOSE_RIVER_COMBAT_HAZY They don't seem to be working with the SGA file... - Inspiration: Vesting Bourtange ( Sectors: - 2 medium manpower points, cuts your enemy of from supplies inside the fortress - 2 high ammo points - 2 high fuel points - 4 low ammo points, located on your side of the bridges, outside the fortress (2 per side) - 4 low fuel points, located on your side of the bridges, outside the fortress (2 per side) - 2 medium ammo points - 2 medium fuel points Victory points: There are a total of three victory points, two of which are based around the town center, while the other one is located in between the none vehicle bridge. Development time/info: - First playable alpha 1: 2-3 days - First release candidate: 10 days (released on 2010-02-27) - SGA release candidate 2: 1 day (released on 2010-03-2) - Added new weather options (CLOSE_RIVER_COMBAT_STORMY, CLOSE_RIVER_COMBAT_HAZY) - Loading screen update - Used a Relic PSD source file, to add a border to the minimaps and used their font and dots - Added the 6p_fortress_groningen_ss.tga file Play testers against AI (ranging from Easy to Expert) - Emiel “Equinsu Ocha” Drent - Martin “Kouji San” Borgman Development story: This map is based on a real fortress called Vesting Bourtange in the north of the Netherlands. It isn’t a 100% recreation, mind you. This is due to gameplay limitations. But I did try to make it look like the Fortress. Vesting Bourtange is shaped like a pentagram, which I thought would be pretty interesting to base a Company of Heroes map on. Speaking of gameplay, there are two very important manpower points inside the fortress, if your enemy controls the point closest to you, it will cut you off from your supply sectors inside the fortress. The real fortress only has two vehicle bridges, but I added two none vehicles bridges as well. These bridges are huge chokepoints and if you are pushed from the fortress it will be a very hard battle getting back inside. The streets inside the fortress were designed back in the day for horse carriages and pre-industrial vehicles. This makes them narrow and not ideal for the heavy German and Allied warmachines. This gives infantry an advantage against vehicles, but once they get to the center of the town, this advantage somewhat is lost.



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    Kouji_San Joined 10y ago
    I'm kinda rusty in terms of source and goldSRC mapping. I've mapped/finalized two maps for the HL1 mod Natural-Selection, but the editor is so time consuming T_T This CoH worldbuilder is so much faster, with the prefab sandbox building and all... Only took about 10 for this map :P There are probably a lot more starshaped fortresses like these ones as well :)
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    Hello, EXELENT MAPPPP!!!!! You know what? i though it was based on Goryōkaku Fortress in Hakodate! Goryōkaku I saw this fortress many time ago and i had and idea for counter-strike map but im not a mapper so there's nothing i can do to make it. If you could do it for CS 1.6 or CS:S (im meaning the Goryōkaku Fortress)


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Key Authors
Martin (Kouji_San) Borgman
Map development
Original Authors
Martin (Kouji_San) Borgman
Map development
Martin (Kouji_San) Borgman
Emiel (Equinsu Ocha) Drent


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Kouji_San Joined 10y ago

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Development Info

Company of Heroes Worldbuilder was used and the map was designed and released in a RC2 version within about two weeks!
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