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A Map for Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat [MOD]

Kurizh City got struck by IRAQI militants, now it's up to the USMC to save them!

CONFLICT: The IRAQI militants striked the City "Kurizh, Iraq" They devastated it and a few of the militants left. Finally the USMC arrived and are ready to take out the rest of the militants. Capture all objectives, kill all militants and secure the town!! There are 3 Objectives: Obj A will be found in the middle around with the heavy smoke stacks. Obj B will be found close to USMC spawnpoint inside a small and nice house. Obj C will be found in the huge Mosque inside the City! Basic Information: This map was created by Tooxic! Add me on steam "FP | Heisann Montebello" The map will be improved soon, this is just a beta version. So don't worry, it will get way bigger. Just got to buy some time and I'l create more buildings and more open buildings and so on.. Got recommendations? Please post feedback! And aswell if you got a good Clan for Insurgency I'd be intrested! ;-) Check my homepage ""



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    Pros: Awesome, I'm looking forward for ins_kurizh_extreme!! Cons: none Improvements: Get the ins_kurizh_extreme map done!! :-D


    Fun-Piranesi Mapping Team


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Development Info

Applications / Editors used: - Source SDK - Hammer editor tool - VTFEdit - IMC2 tool - HDR Inspiration: - An Iraqi town. - Realistic open and town environments. - Horror. Plans of improvment: - I'm going to make the map bigger: I will create a brand new huge City, and then the current city will be like the entrance (old town) So there will be many updates according to this one! :-D Bugs: - There is a loop sound when you go in the middle that continues playing, it's supposed to be only one time played, but it keeps playing, will fix in next version! - The smoke in the middle is very "stacked" will fix in next version! Thank you for Downloading! Feel free to add this map to your servers!
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