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  • Tweak Reworked the booster platforms
  • Improvement Replaced the func_door system with mpbhops
  • Overhaul Re-designed the climbing area
  • Improvement Re-textured cave level
  • Improvement Improved lightning generally
  • Tweak Improved lab button clipping
  • Adjustment Increased difficulty of citadel level
  • Optimization Improved performance overall
  • Adjustment Renamed the bsp to bhop_gigantic_citadel_v3
version 3 12mo

A huge 2In1 map containing bhop and climb map separated


Map consists of main bunny hop part and climbing part and has a lot of extra content.

Bunny Hop Area Info
  • 5 Levels
  • 5 Challenges
  • 3 Bonus Levels
  • LJ Training Area
  • 3 Challenge Unlockable Rewards

Xtreme Climb Area Info
  • 6 Levels
  • 1 Bonus Challenge
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  • HaddocK avatar
    HaddocK Joined 6y ago
    506 points Ranked 9884th
    Really nice surprise that you remade this map (my personal favourite of all time).

    Sadly i gotta say that what this map represents (the old school, lasers, boosters...) you get rid of it with this version. 

    Apart from the obvious platform teleport in the beggining of the map, which is understandable, the rest of the changes, apart from improved lighting, are simply something I personally didn't feel this map needs.

    Sadly, really sadly, i will stay with _v2 version. My personal favourite of all time.
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  • Sirhephaestus avatar
    Sirhephaestus Joined 4y ago
    Extremely nice surprise to see this.. your maps are legendary and have brought countless hours of fun.


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  • Redistributor avatar
    Redistributor Joined 1y ago
    909 points Ranked 5887th
    8 medals 1 rare
    • Submitted 20 Maps Medal icon
    • One month a member Medal icon
    • Returned 100 times Medal icon
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    nice update and nice to see you're still around :)
    you should make a new bhop map


    old map enthusiast
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  • Pros: One of the best looking bunny hop maps ever made in CS:S great work. Cons: none Improvements: none Notes: Great job hope to see more of it coming from you


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  • Pros: Amazing map i enjoyed it very much for me one of the best out there, i really like the change in difficulty because it gives you space to rest after a hard part and i fukken love challenges. Cons: none Improvements: none Notes: 1000 internets for you sir, great map


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  • Derp! avatar
    Derp! Joined 9y ago
    Very fun map to play alone, I enjoyed doing all the challenges. I don't see this being a multiplayer friendly map though at same points, the scaling it difficulty does jump around a bit. Getting all the objectives done before rtv happens probably wont happen lol. Here's a list of cons in my opinion, per-level: -- Level 1 -- Level one has some really bad teleport glitching. Parts of it will put you at the last part of level one if you fall in certain spots. Doesn't seem to be consistent either, I tried to fall in the same spots more then once where I got teleported at but couldn't recreate it. -- Level 2 -- Nothing that I would consider a con. (See below.) -- Level 3 -- This first con is combined with 2, although 2 only had one. But please do not use trampoline jumps. While they are fun for the more advanced bhoppers, it makes this map very multiplayer unfriendly. Glitching them is very easy to do and once they are glitched you can't get past that part of the map, making it impossible to beat. The buttons on the wall that you need to press to open the doors on some of the challenges here are annoyingly placed in my opinion as well. I seemed to get stuck on them constantly. Possibly sink them into the wall so you don't get stuck on them? Also on level 3, the third part with the two buttons. The platform that the mouse wheel is siting on just after opening the 2nd door is in a very annoying place. I hit that platform a ton trying to get through that door lol. Last part of three with the trampolines, again, easy to break them and screw over anyone not past that part yet. -- Level 4 -- Very off putting going from pure bhopping to nothing but prespeeding to get across the gaps. Not that they are hard to do but just really odd to go from one to the other without a small transition or something between. This part is very non-noob friendly, as it seems prespeed is the hardest thing for people that are newer to bhopping. Fun area to reach the secrets though. -- Level 5 -- I lag a lot in this room going from perfect fps and no choke to getting upto 30-40 choke cause of the water in the middle. At times the choke can get bad enough that bhopping is pretty impossible to do as the timing for jumps is fully ruined. I also agree with Aoki, this level shouldn't be the last, it is very easy. Although its a nice relaxing finish the difficulty curve of the map is like a rollercoaster hill with it lol. I would say possibly putting this as Lv2 or Lv3. Overall very much so liked this map playing alone. Very nicely done. The bonus stages were kinda easy for being bonus' but not going to say thats really a bad thing. This map did remind me a lot of bhop_aoki though with some of the levels. Not to mention the yellow bunny texture lol. Great map though, good job. :D


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  • the1nonlyevilelmo avatar
    the1nonlyevilelmo Joined 10y ago
    117 points Ranked 28713rd
    Pros: Well designed, original, gradually gets harder, soundscapes, the bonusses mang! Cons: expensive water, buggy teleporter Improvements: none really Notes: If you are gonna v2 using the feedback from teh lot of us, take a look at some of the teleporters as they have teleported me back 2 or 3 stages(=/= levels) back several times, and the water you used throughout level 1 is too expensive for some computers, which has a negative effect on the gameplay. good job though, it's good to see a map that's not rushed to finish.


    |MN| evil elmo
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  • d347hm4n avatar
    d347hm4n Joined 10y ago
    119 points Ranked 28438th
    6 medals 1 rare
    • 6 years a member Medal icon
    • One month a member Medal icon
    • 6 months a member Medal icon
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    Pros: Atmosphere, Originality. Soundscapes are appropriate. From start to finish this is a wonderfully engaging map. Endless Re-playability, better than most bunny hop maps. Cons: Steep learning curve for newbies, but encourages excellent bunny hopping technique. Makes for a frustrating but re-playable map. Improvements: Tweaking the difficulty will allow more players to complete the map, but would detract from the concept of the map, scalling to the level of the players skill. Notes: One of the better bh maps out there. Keep up the good work, look forward to next version if there is one ;-)


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  • as3141rin avatar
    as3141rin Joined 11y ago
    The map was fun to play and ran nicely. It's nice to see a good bhop map for once, as most others are just copy paste or ripoffs. I like the challenges idea, but I have to say that putting in aoki's booster gun was not a very good idea, since it allows people to cheat their time on timer servers. But I guess this doesn't count much anyway as the map has buttons that could allow 2 players in coop to get a better time than one alone. Even tho you mentioned an anti stuck system, someone managed to get stuck in a door just a few minutes ago. I'm not gonna repeat what others said, so here's just my conclusion: This is nowhere near perfect, but it is still a very good map. Others hopefully learn a bit from it and stop dumping 1 hour maps on here. 9.3/10


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  • Aoki avatar
    Aoki Joined 11y ago
    16,118 points Ranked 284th
    15 medals 2 rare
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    Pros: The map is great. The looks are each done very well and the variety keeps it interesting. The sounds are good as well; soundscapes and the other button/platform sounds are all appropriate. The gameplay is varied to keep it interesting and uses some established concepts in new ways. I haven't tried it, but most jumps seem possible on aa10. The texturing was really well done and the custom/effects textures were a nice touch. The misc tasks to take on add replayability. The climb section seemed a little rushed, but certainly doesn't detract anything from the map. Cons: Some of the button pressing type gameplay may confuse players at some point and allows level skipping in multiplayer environments. This is not not a bad issue, though. I think that some of the boost platform sections could be ruined by players who stop on the platforms. The biggest con of the map is probably the difficulty scaling. I think that the last level (under water) could be used as the second level since it is so easy. Players that get stuck in the previous levels could probably do that one. Improvements: The LJ could use some more length :P Notes: It'd be great if bhop had more quality maps like this.


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Development Info

[01/02/2018/ update v3]
  • Reworked the booster platforms
  • Replaced the func_door system with mpbhops
  • Re-designed the climbing area
  • Re-textured cave level
  • Improved lightning
  • Improved lab button collision
  • Increased difficulty of citadel level
  • Improved performance in few areas
  • Renamed the bsp to bhop_gigantic_citadel_v3


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