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Feel free to message me with any questions by joining the following group and opening a chat with me @ [SG] Pauls Group
All the bugs have now been fixed that were caused by the update and a new map has replaced the run for fruits map that was broken. The Map now also has lighting and new music.
STEAMGAMERS.COM | MiniGames | *Funtastic* @
About The Map - Map consists of 14 oldish minigame maps that are too short to add to a server rotation (IMO). But they are that great that they deserve to be on there. - I DID NOT MAKE THESE MAPS! I simply added them all together and tweaked it so that the map ran smoothly. Check the credits list! Awsome mappers in there.
Map Info - Fourteen Maps to Choose from. - 50 Player spawn points.
Spawn <3
Spawn By: Sm0oth123 A fantastic spawn layout made by Sm0oth123. This is better known from surf_XIV. One person will make it to the middle and choose the map for the rest of the players. If that player takes too long then it will auto-choose a map.
Tv Towers Remix
Map By: HappyVanMan In this map the T's spawn on top of one TV tower, whilst the CT's spawn at the bottom of the opposite tower. Buy your guns, use the elevators and kill each other! Note: The bridge on the top will take 2000 damage before it collapses.
Break Containers
Map By: ??? Unknown (user was removed from FPSB) In this map you are equipped with M3's and Knifes. You can shoot down the support legs on the contained which will topple over and crush players. Use the boost ramps to get on top of the map and also there is an AWP and buyzone in the middle!
Map by: Nemesis234 Race the opposing team to the end of the map to get your AWPs. Note: you can throw grenades and knife other players through the glass if they get too close.
Jump Slider
Map By: [SG] Paul As seen in mg_pauls_multigames but bigger. Note: There is a secret on this level that only I can activate =] (unless an admin does a certain something) ;)
Knife Ring
Map By: Shluk Knife it out in the ring. The map was set up for 1 v 1 fights, but unfortunatly noblock wins this one. Map is fun, make sure to get all your team pushing on the wall at the same time to counter balance the group inside the ring =]
Map By: lolobubu In this map you must shoot the ball with your glocks onto the other teams side. The ball will cause -2hp/s to the teams, depending which side the ball is on.
Ice Skate
Map By: SV | RaZer Ice skate? Not much really to say. A nice little map made by Razer, which I had to edit a tiny bit. Ice skate around the map by strafing on the ice, the glass in the middle will break after 60 seconds, you will find an M3 inside.
Slide Race
Map By: SV | RaZer This is a pretty simple slide race map, that is not too hard to beat, but it gives noobier players a chance to win. Get to the end of the map and get an M3, Deagle and Knife.
Rotating HE War
Map By: Shougunner He Grenade war, however you only get one grenade so use if wisely. The rotating blade spins around so try to dodge it by hugging the walls and timing your runs perfectly.
Map By: Sm0oth123 A nice scoutsknives map that has a teleporter at the bottom to take you back onto the boost at the top of the map.
Jump Rope
Map By: Pho3nix Jump around the jumprope? The 'rope' speeds up over time, if its wireframe then im not too sure why it is like that.
Map By: Corn Ibulus Use your M3's and Knifes to kill the opposing team. Kind of fail as a few people die instantly from when they meet in the middle =/ but hey.
Balance Four Way
Map By: Pho3nix & SolidSnake Try to hold your balance with your team on the four platforms. Try to be tactical and cause the opposing teams platform to collapse. Grenades spawn in the middle.
Musical Rooms <3
Map By: UKCS-Alias An awsome map by Alias. Like musical chairs, but with rooms. Try and beat your fellow team mates and opposition by getting into the rooms before they do. 5 Stages, as the round progresses there becomes fewer doors to get into. Will you be the last one alive?
NOTE: PMs were sent to all active FPSB members with maps that are in this map, asking for permission to use them in here. All replys were positive from what I have recieved back.




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Key Authors
Composing the map (Putting all the maps into one)
Tv Tower Map
Break Containers Map
Race Map
Jump Sliders
Knifing Ring Map
Volleyball Map
SV | RaZer
Ice Skating Map
SV | RaZer
Slide Race Map
Rotating HE War Map
Scoutsknives Map
Jump Rope Map
Corn Ibulus
Windtunnel Map
Pho3nix & SolidSnake
Balance Map
Musical Rooms Map


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