gm_perfectz_world_v2 Final

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A New Way to Build in Gmod

Okay guys, this is the final version of gm_perfectz_world_v2 Attention: Before download this map, you have to download this Fix to don't see pink and black squares when you spawn the balls in Stadium Area: Ok after this you can download the map :D The Features: Spawn Area: Custom Textures and Credits Teleports to All the Areas A Easter Egg Flatgrass Area: Huge Large Extra build Area (not too large than the original flat gtass, but this flatgrass is huge than the beta version) Water Area: Deeper Water Another Water texture (too much better) 3 Floating Islands Space Area: Space Themed Area Low Gravity Race Area: A Programed Circuit Race Build Ramp Looping Podium Garage/Pits Stadium Area: A new big Stadium Ball Spawn house Construct Area: Large Space to build 5 Small Build Houses The Main Fort with Underground Area and Secure Area A Tower Author Notes: Thanks to Download my map ! Please leave your feedback



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    Pros: You've fixed your map's problems. I can no longer criticize it for the design or gameplay. Your ambience is set off by the fact that you do not have a 3-D skybox. It is also inconvenient that you must use teleportation to reach the areas. People seem to enjoy maps that are connected geographically, moreso than teleportation-wise. Even though you've obviously put a lot of time in to this map, it isn't hard to see that its simple design and aesthetic gameplay options offer a quick and enjoyable array of things to do.
    Cons: I've mentioned the only con in the pros section (so that I didn't have to reference).
    Improvements: Like I said, the 3-D skybox is completely optional, but I would advise it in certain areas. If you are unaware of how to create one, there are several tutorials explaining. One tutorial that I will very optimistically recommend is one on optimization. It is a wonderful addition to any map and will certainly satisfy your players. Links below.
    Link 1- Optimization

    Link 2- 3-D Skyboxes

    I am also going to offer the service of designing a logo for your map. I enjoy playing on it, and if you ever so happen to edit the map, I'd be happy to create a large logo to advertise the map's creator-- Just for you. I enjoy your maps and I hope to see more from you in the future. Good luck, my friend.


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    Well, ive awready downloadedd your map once off
    never knew you had a fpsb account. also, the map is very good. im trying to convince my friend into putting this ma into his server, and he said ok. also, i didnt really like the balls, they could be a litle smaller and more geometrical like the real footballs.
    also, i was exepting a basquet ball field, was dissapointed....
    anyways, this map deserves a good and solid 10.


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Original Authors
Nick Mapper
Parts of the map gm_round_construct
tophness & mr. bubbles
Original Stadium
Ball Texture
Grass texture
Ball Model


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