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A Map for Team Fortress 2

Finally, a swamp fit for a king!

RC (final) update to koth_moonshine. Koth_Moonshine is an intense “King of the Hill” map set at the base of a beautiful mountain stream waterfall, which feeds into an industrial swamp basin community. Both teams attack through their industrial swamp communities, fighting to be the king of a shadowy bayou shipping house, which is cover for a top-secret surveillance outpost. This high intensity map provides multiple routes to the central point to guarantee vigorous battles as the point changes hands during game play. Thanks and enjoy. Change Log: -Expanded spawn room ceiling and visuals -Map now works for Direct X 81 users -removed gator cutout -added small health/ammo under control point building -added planks to loft on red & blu building for easier access to engineers -adjusted crane height holding up boats to allow access to adjacent roofs -adjusted water depths slightly -changed metal textures on blue buildings to remove black stripes -added "moonshine poster" overlay -added moonshine pictures to objectives page at map open -removed/adjusters various overlays/signs -adjusted layout of the 3d skybox -changed various textures -reduced file size by 6mb -improved optimization slightly -adjusted lighting in spawn rooms and around middle buildings -removed/changed various props -fixed loading errors in console -changed chimneys in spawn rooms -changed water texture -improved clipping



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    Posted by lildevil Pros: Well done map. Like the croc. Cons: Battles are compartmentalized and feel somewhat stifled. Improvements: I would leave it, still a great map. Notes:
    Just an observation about the above: The croc was removed in the RC version. V2 was the last we saw of the gimmicky croc. :)


    Team Zissou!
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    Pros: Well done map. Like the croc. Cons: Battles are compartmentalized and feel somewhat stifled. Improvements: I would leave it, still a great map. Notes:


  • 8y
    Mesosade avatar
    Mesosade Joined 8y ago
    Fantasy valve-like quality, loved it so much we have a server running this map: [BBF-S1] 24/7 Moonshine | Custom Achievements | Vanilla Spawn help us test it out!
    Goddamnit Where's The Map Leak
  • 8y
    Pros: Fantastic and well thought out layout. Health and ammo packs were placed in ideal locations, pulling players off the point and creating more battle areas. The map has elements that are designed for each class (which is great), i.e. good hiding spots for spies, decent sniping areas, great set-up spots for engis, just enough health packs to help players but not so many that it renders the Medic class useless (big plus one this one), etc, etc. A lot of maps end up favoring a certain class over the rest (excluding demo man, but he does a ton of damage on EVERY map), so great job with this. Cons: It's not an official map yet...? Improvements: N/A Notes: Map looks more professional and refined after these most recent improvements. Well done.


    Team Zissou!
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    Posted by Harley Very professional
    Exactly what I was thinking :P
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  • 8y
    Absolutely gorgeous map! Great amount of detail & very good lighting, This map looks like valve made it. This map should definitely get noticed, Nice work.


    [BG] Hubert
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    Hudda Hudda Hudda
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    Very professional
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    Banana I am dissapoint


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