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Team Fortress 2 CTF map set in an ancient Egyptian temple.

Ctf_Thebes_b01 Gametype: Capture the flag Players: 24-32 Author: Dylan "Steaky" Loney ___________________________________ Thebes is a medium sized capture the flag map. The map consists of a central bridge separating the two teams. There are two entrances to the main yard, one of which takes the direct route, the other following the water underground. Finally, double-jumping scouts and explosive jumping players can access each team’s battlements that flank the sides of the bridge, allowing a very advantageous third entry point. The goal when making this map was to create a simple yet balanced capture-the-flag layout which was fun for both offence and defense. I hope you enjoy, and please feel to contact me with feedback. ___________________________________



  • 4y
    Amazon211 avatar
    Amazon211 Offline
    Member Joined 5y
    Thebes required better placement of health and ammo boxes. There are no ammo or health located nearby the intelligence rooms, which made it very difficult for engineers to set up buildings for defense when they have to run back to their Respawns to get more metal. There are too many dead ends on this map, making it quite difficult to navigate.
  • 7y
    MalachiTF2 avatar
    MalachiTF2 Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    694 points Ranked 6490th
    The world needs a CP version of this map!
    Is this thing loaded?
  • 8y
    ILikeFlies avatar
    ILikeFlies Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Pros: Map is very large, which is great for 32 man servers. Design is ok, and it looks good.
    Cons: The design can become confusing sometimes and there are a few "dead ends".
    Improvements: A slightly more streamlined design as well as the subtraction of "dead ends".


  • 8y
    .Krusty avatar
    .Krusty Offline
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    Wow looks good.
    HQ is HQ
  • 8y
    This map looks beautiful, nice work.
    I'll try my best to play it soon.
    [BG] Hubert
  • 8y
    MrWhite avatar
    MrWhite Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    12,188 points Ranked 344th
    Pros: Another amazing map by the king himself. How anyone could get anything but pure joy from playing this is beyond me..
    Cons: Cons.... CONS??!?!?! Are you mad?
    Notes: Keep making those quality maps man!!!


    Smoke Hound avatar
    Smoke Hound


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Dylan "Steaky" Loney


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