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pl_downhill Beta 1

A Map for Team Fortress 2

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Linear payload track with 4 control points on a coast and with a small trainyard at the end.

DOWNHILL A multiplayer map for Team Fortress™ 2 Beta 1 Release Layout * Linear Payload Track 4 Control Points (like Badwater) Player Maximum * 16 vs 16 Author * Christoph Manschitz File Name * pl_downhill_b1.bsp File Size * 55.871 KB Pakrat Date * Nov 9 / 2009 - 2:49 AM Created with * Source SDK, Valve Hammer Editor 4.1 Build 4515 Special Thanks to: * FLOOR_MASTER and // for playtesting and feedback * Fabian 'Acumen' Schmidt // for custom models * A Boojum Snark // for the prop library * // for free sound file: tugboathorn.wav * Everyone who submitted feedback Custom Models by Fabian 'Acumen' Schmidt: * models/custom/bollard_32.mdl // 777 polys * models/custom/bollard_64.mdl // 777 polys * models/custom/bollard_skybox.mdl // skybox version of bollard_64, 777 polys * models/custom/anemometer_a.mdl // dynamic model, with pole, 1800 polys * models/custom/anemometer_b.mdl // dynamic model, with wall bracket, 1800 polys * models/custom/crane_lod_skybox.mdl // HL2 model, converted for 3D skybox, 3600 polys



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    The most under rated pl map ever! I mean when I say this map should be official I really mean it.
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    Icarus Joined 11y ago
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    Pros: We played it on woof last night. It was very impressive, and we've put it up on rotation. Cons: I felt that it was extremely difficult for the attacking team to secure a safe foothold while attacking the final point. Mostly it is because of all these paths that RED could use to flank BLU, and it can get really frustrating. I tried to stop them by trying to set up a forward engie base, but the only locations with metal I could find close enough to the final point never lasted long, as it feels like I'm always being attacked from all directions. Improvements: I would suggest making some of the numerous passageways one-way (one-way doors, dropdowns, obstacles, etc), or at the very least some defensible niches with metal for BLU engineers that at the same time would be a poor place to build for RED engineers.
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    The Magic Potato Joined 11y ago
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    I can't believe you're still working on this! I remember it about a year ago in the tf2maps single stage pl map contest. I should really try this out again.
    When in doubt, Potato it up!
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    I'm also impressed, looks like a neat map! :)
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    kanria Joined 12y ago
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    Looks really impressive. I look forward to playing it!
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Key Authors
Christoph Manschitz
Level Design
Fabian 'Acumen' Schmidt
Custom Models
Special Thanks
A Boojum Snark
Prop Library
Testing and Feedback


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Development Info

Revision History BETA 1 [Nov 9 / 2009] * Switched to cp_well sky and lighting * More detailing * Added custom models * Added custom water * Cubemaps ALPHA 4 [Oct 25 / 2009] * Added custom soundscapes * More detailing * Added more direction signs ALPHA 3 [Oct 1 / 2009] * Started detailing phase ALPHA 2 [Nov 15 / 2008] * Totally new layout ALPHA 1 [Oct 9 / 2008] * First public release for gameplay testing


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