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GunGame goes paintball in the woods!

A rather small Gungame map which is made pretty fast. Its only tested for some few minutes so expect some bugs. I've allways wanted a forrest map with both trees and hills so this is my first shot at a nature map. I have been mapping before but a long time ago so again you could experience some bugs. ;P I hope you like the map! And please tell me if you would like some changes and improvements for the next version. Is the size too small for this map? How about lighting, should it be day or night? -= !UPDATED TO V1! =- Changes since v0.9: * - Added support for up to 24 players on each team * - Made some more bushes, rocks and trees to get for more dense gameplay * - Fixed some minor bugs (Spawnpoints and vphysics @ skybox)



  • 8y
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    Pros: This map looks awesome. Im always looking for natural and beautyful gungame maps like this. You just hit the point by creating some really natural, but also symetrical game setting. Your map is one of just some few natural maps, which are really playable in guname.

    Invalid terrorist spawnpoint at (161.5,-13.0,-13.0)
    Invalid terrorist spawnpoint at (427.5,3.0,3.0)
    Invalid counterterrorist spawnpoint at (396.0,-12.0,-12.0)
    Invalid counterterrorist spawnpoint at (493.0,-0.6,-0.6)
    Invalid counterterrorist spawnpoint at (299.9,-31.6,-31.6)
    Invalid counterterrorist spawnpoint at (283.8,-19.7,-19.7)
    Invalid counterterrorist spawnpoint at (478.2,8.6,8.6)
    Invalid counterterrorist spawnpoint at (308.7,-17.8,-17.8)

    Improvements: This map doesnt need much improvements. A bit more cover on the sideways would make it perfect, cause theres a bit too much long range shooting action at this time. So maybe two or three rocks on each side would fit the gameplay.

    Also you should try to improve the performance as much as possible. I dont want some players to claim on their frames cause i really would like to put this map on rotation. For me, i had no FPS Problems on this map, but i know that there are still many Players, using a Commodore C64 in CSS ;-)

    Notes: I beg you to add more Spawnpoints (up to 24 per Team) even if many Servers wont need them, but mine does. In addition you really should keep on creating more natural maps for gungame like this. I will always be keen on such maps. avatar
  • 8y
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    And guys please comment on this map and vote ! Thanks! :)


    TempletonPeck - Thank you for you feedback! I will look into what you suggests and make it for the final release which will be v1 :) Iam going to add a few more rocks and bushes in the sideways and op to 24 players pr team, allthough i think the map is too small for this, but hey if people wants it, thats what its all about :) Keep an eye on here and i will update it very soon, probably later tonight!


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I've used Hammer to create this map only! Nothing else. There is no custom textures, or models, which makes it a fast download tracking pixel