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A small but beautiful European chapel.

de_chapel - Bomb Defuse by Rubber Ducky --- It's a basic de_ map with two bombsites. I took my previous map, gg_chapel, and fixed some of the mistakes I made as well as added two bombsites. Change log is in the DevNotes. The map's theme is a small European chapel that gets invaded by Terrorists. It's a very beautiful and fun map to play on. Includes a level overview/radar image, opening level text, and an edited *.nav file so that bots don't get stuck and places in the map have names recognized by the game. Please download and tell me any suggestions! Thank you! EDIT: Fixed missing texture and radar not showing up. Enjoy!



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    Looks pretty good
  • 8y
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    Pros: Good map and nice lighting
    Cons: uhm...none
    Improvements: mabye more detailed? ^_^
    Notes: Btw good work

    Assessed ---> 9.6/10 :)


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    Thank you so much for the great feedback!

    The clipping on the crates was so that players couldn't see out of the level. I would have had to create like a whole new outside portion just to make it not look weird.

    As for the purple and black fence, I guess I forgot to pakrat it in.

    BTW, I made a radar. I spent like three hours making it. HOWEVER, I forgot to fix the path of a single text file so it doesn't show up in the game for you (just figured that out).

    I'll see if I can re-upload the file.

    Again, thank you for the feedback.

    - Ducky
    Rubber Ducky
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    Pros: Well made .nav file with common places named that work with the radio commands.

    Also quite satisfying to play with 7 or so bots =P.
    Cons: Can't climb on top of crates at CT base becuase of clipping, the skybox over bombsite B is waaaay to low, grenades just bounce right of the sky (they shouldn't :S). Walls and rooms seem very bland no props and hardly any decals used to create an good atmosphere within the level, next time try including some barrels here and there or a breable window to make the map seem more alive.

    Through the window pearing out into the courtyard (I'm gonna persume its a courtyard =P) I just saw a big purple and black block texture. Obviously you've used custom textures here but forgot to put them in with the .BSP, you should use Pakrat for this, saves a lot of time :D.

    While I admire the nice archs and peices of wood sticking out of the walls you've placed around the level, I can't help think that theres to many of them, you need to add some more variety into the corridors.

    I also feel I have to point out that the map is too camper friendly, having small alcoves behind crates.

    The map also feels a bit to small for a DE map, yes it may be good for low amounts of players, but when more people join the fray, things become cluttered and compact. Along with this, the balancing seems to in favour of the CT's having both bombsites very close to spawn where people can rush in and set up camp very quickly.

    Finally, not a major gripe but it would of been nice to see a radar =/.
    Improvements: Add some props and different styles of corridor to create a more sigificant atmosphere, don't put clipping over crates and maybe try using soundscapes and volumetric light in places to create a better looking level =D
    Notes: One last thing, I know a lot of people take this for granted, but I think its great you've made all of you're textures line up, I didn't find a single one out of place.

    Keep mapping and never give it up ^^.




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Key Authors
Rubber Ducky
Made the Map
Special Thanks


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Development Info

Known Bugs:
- One of the CT Spawn points is invalid. It's not big enough of a bug for me to fix and recompile the whole thing

Change Log (from gg_chapel):
- Added two bombsites (duh)
- Added crates and more cover areas in Bombsite B/Foyer area
- Added trees outside
- Added cover 'closet' in Main Hallway
- Fixed glitch where you could hop out of the level
- Fixed small texture goof around the Entry Way/Back Hall area
- Fixed missing texture
- Fixed radar not showing up

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