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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Terrorist forces learn about a Terrorists plan to infiltrate into the warehouse area and bomb nearby buildings unless their demands are met...

This is the renewed and improved version of oldest map of mine, de_varasto here on FPSBANANA. This one is called de_varasto_v3 and it is propably the last and latest version of this map. This contains fixes and addresses some of the issues that were left in the first official release due to my lack of skills in mapping. While this map received some great ratings over a year ago, this one is even better than before! You are advised to upgrade to this latest version. In it, i have adressed some concerns that came after the map was released. The most important changes in this are: - Fixes the crashbug that is occuring especially with large servers - FPS is up to 35% better depending on the area! - Added more optimizations, eyecandy and so on. - No layout changes, only minor fixes. Full map changelog can be found from here! Created by ICS 3rd of August 2008, Updated 31st of July 2009! E-mail: WWW: Check out more maps from my website, This map is also in mapcycle on the following servers: - #1 - 50+ Custom maps, tickrate 100 - #2 - 50+ ICS + Hakk1tus maps only! What is also cool is that i have released the map vmf officially so you can see how it's done. Note that you are NOT allowed to do remakes or make any changes to this map. The VMF can be downloaded at my website, here Enjoy!



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    Hi, mates! Here is a manually optimized (hand-tuned) and fully place painted NAV-file (Navigation Mesh for playing against the Bots) for this dashingly twisted and variously designed warehouse-themed map. Play and Enjoy! :-) Also Great Thanks to ICS for his Great Work!
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    Manager of Migrating Lemmings
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    This map added on server


  • 9y
    Notes: nice looking map,active gameplay


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    Pros: Well placed soundscapes and props to crate a realistic and immersive enviroment. Fully working radar and nav mesh (WITH NAMES, HORRAY!). No excseeive use of crates, barrels or any other common prop ^^. Cons: The lighting used inside feels a little to bright and a bit bland if im honest, only have plain white as a base colour and having places strangly more light then they should be IMO. I also found a few of the doors you put in to be quite disproportional (A bit wide in places =P). Improvements: Turn lighting down a bit inside and change the colour and appearence slightly and resize some of the doors =D. Notes: Great map with excellent design abd very few faults DOWLOAD NOW!


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    Pros: looks awesome, i just love this map :D Cons: - Improvements: - Notes: -


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    Pros: nice appeal Cons: not for sniper Improvements: it's ok Notes: good job!


    Kill them all


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