A Map for Team Fortress 2

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The evil genius behind Red plots to unleash havoc from a remote tropical island, and a special Blue task force must stop them.

Note: This release also contains preview thumbnails and the intro movie. As such, it should be extracted from your base "team fortress2/tf/" directory, rather than the maps directory. Server Admins: If you do not want to have players download the movie file (which is understandable, because the map itself is already a large download), be sure to also remove those lines from the tc_meridian_rc3.res file in the maps directory. TC_MERIDIAN RELEASE CANDIDATE 3 (tc_meridian_rc3) Gametype: Territory Control Players: 16-24 Author: Mark "Shmitz" Major Contributors: Scott "Buddikaman" Petty Pat "MangyCarface" Mulholland Steve "Scoobings" Post E-mail: Version: 0.8.0 ___________________________________ Revision History RELEASE CANDIDATE 3 * Fixed problem with invisible robot booth props. * Improved several older props. * Fixed a few other visual problems. * Fixed a bug where the "take it home" radar would point to the wrong area. * Changed HUD to just have the flag radars, without the erroneous score information. For additional information about revisions and contributions, please see the readme in the archive.


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    Design: Well designed map, with good starting point, and lots of passages and ways. Vastly improved when compared to early realeases. Gameplay: Good, in par with hydro. This is an accomplishment, since tc maps are hard to make. I did not found a bad gameplay part. Looks: Beautiful. As I said before, the looks ae also very improved. Original map, that fits in TF2s evil genius motif.
    flight to eternity
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    Yarrik Joined 9y ago
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    An incredibly awesome looking map, with interesting gameplay elements. I love the environmental feel for the teams, with RED occupying the industrial setting, while BLU works in the tropical village type area. It's great, and I would love is Valve made this an official map.
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    Pros: Unique and interesting environments, generally good design and art style. Fun map, love the robot, the sub, and the temple. Cons: Tiki village and freighter are not as interesting or as fun as the other areas. Disappointing by comparison. Improvements: More polish in the village in particular would be great. Obviously it's a bit late in the game (RC3!) for this kind of advice. Notes: Curious about the reasoning behind CTF vs. CP. It seems virtually impossible to return your intel once it leaves the intel room, and with only 1 capture per round this is a big deal.
    Pyro Pals Awesome Fun Time Guy
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    (CW) cheese > Release Candidate.
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    Whats rc mean?
    cheese, or Whiz, you decide
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    I really like how the design of the map takes a form of a island. There are some points tho, that makes it easier to defend the Intel vs. others. And this might cause the round to quickly end. I guess that is the only negative point I have with this map. The path between Intel to Intel is way short compared to point to point on Hydro. What causes Hydro to take a challenge is the fact it's capture points. In this case, the unique feature of capturing an Intel and bring it back and make each round rather short. If I have to add a suggestion, is to make the pathway between areas a tad bit bigger and for some of the Intel, a bit harder to get into. Like the village and the temple, those Intel can easily be defended vs the Volcano and the submarine. Overall, this map is a short TC map compared to Hydro that can take up to hours between two skilled teams. But I give this map a 9.7 regardless.
    Renbailation is here
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    Just the kind of map TC deserves...proven true though all of it's incarnations. Looking forward to playing this on my community's TF2 server.
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    Should be official.
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Key Authors
Mark 'Shmitz' Major
Mapper, Modeller
Scott 'Buddikaman' Petty
Environmental Artist


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Shmitz Joined 12y ago
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Development Info

This should be the last Release Candidate before releasing the final version.


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