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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

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A realistic map of a car ferry (as big as the Titanic)

Get the lite version: de_ropax_lite (with more normal counterstrike gameplay) ------------------------------------------------------------------- AUTHOR : Olivier Doorenbos E-MAIL : PROJECT STARTED: late 2006 RELEASED: late 2009 (delayed a year due to technical issues etc) MAP DESCRIPTION: A realistic map of a car ferry (as big as the Titanic). Features: - FULL LAYOUT (with a few exceptions) of ALL 11 decks! - 2 VERY ADVANCED LIFTS, fully functional with 9 levels each! - huge moving sea 3D skybox - 40+ custom textures (with bump mapping & cubemap reflections) & decals - custom sounds recorded on maersk delft - a real car ferry - custom soundscapes - ship can be triggered to gradually sink (drowning everyone) - engine room fires can be triggered & extinguished - 64 spawns with multiple terrorist spawn areas - Counterterrorists can't buy - they get standard equipment - area specific vibration (most in engine room) - realistic gravity and movement speeds for stairs & ladders - bomb has longer fuse timer as map is big - liftable car deck (can crush), playground (seesaw & carousel) - a radio with music, triggerable music x2 and ship horn - manually built bot nav mesh - easter eggs and more TECHNICAL STATISTICS: solids/brushes ~ 7500 (near limit set by Source engine) brush faces ~ 48000 point entities ~ 3000 solid entities ~ 900 textures ~ 100 T-junction fixup limit nearly reached (most annoying compile error for this map) COMMENTS: I have worked very hard on this for more than a year. The screen shots don't do it justice. Much time and research has gone into making the ship and its layout as realistic as possible - gameplay balance was less important. Some features have been added to make the gameplay very different from normal (some players will like this, others will hate it). Most time and work has gone into getting this huge map to compile without critical errors! Please tell me if you find any serious bugs/problems! CREDITS: map, custom textures, most custom sounds & all sound editing by Olivier Doorenbos - source of most raw custom textures dasboot original music by Klaus Doldinger dasboot disco remix music by Disco Cell crimson tide music by Hanz zimmer ship horn sound from PRIVILEGES: You can do whatever you want (distribute, edit the VMF file, release modified version etc) as long as you give me credit where it is due and do not profit financially. If you distribute this map, you must include THIS README. If you have trouble downloading from FPSB, try filefront or fileplanet: if you only want the VMF and most custom resources for use in your projects: Image Hosted by Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at


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  • USF|Jack avatar
    USF|Jack Joined 7y ago
    2,445 points Ranked 20083rd
    Well, this map is really impressive. But mainly because of realistic mapsize instead of realistic look. Detail missing allover and may rooms have a quite unrealistic appearance. For regular de_ maps it isnt an appropriate map, but for some people how likes to discover hundrets of empty rooms, this is great. No, to be honest, you did a good job here, but its a very specific map. I like some of the features your embedded.
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  • CapitalJ avatar
    CapitalJ Joined 7y ago
    257 points Ranked 51721st
    Wow I know this map has been around for awhile but I just started playing counter strike like a month ago, Im not a real big PC gamer, I have ps2 and xbox 360. I just wanted to say this is by far my favorite map out of all the customs maps i found on the internet, i've played custom Red faction maps on PC that are cool, but i like counter strikes maps better so far. I can't believe how huge this map is. 11 levels, thats just crazy. I love how the engine room shakes, the noises, theres also a a low metal squeaking noise, like your on a submarine or a giant ferry lol. I have been on a ferry a couple times in my life, and the last one I was on was just like thie. Deck 7 was set up the same as the one i was on, it was the ferry to get to Ocean City, Maryland. Even with 64 bots, its hard trying to find them at the end, but that makes it fun, I like checking each floor, all the rooms, using the elevator that lets you choose any floor you want, the giant garage ramps, the fact that the boat is actually moving, all the way on top of the boat you can snipe, just everything about this map makes it my favorite map in the game. I just never played a map like this in every game. There's definitely other games with better graphics, but I just like how this map was custom made, and based on a real ship, its size, detail, the sinking ship addition is awesome. Thanks for making the map, I know you spent 3 years on it, and I think you did a great job. I tried Ropax Lite too, I noticed you changed the stairs so they are easier to maneuver on, but I'm still not sure which way I like better, realistic, or fast. Great Job
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  • Moufisto avatar
    Moufisto Joined 9y ago
    Hey Olie, Since you put this map out, I have been playing it almost non-stop. It's a shame though that I can't find a server that holds it online :(.. anyway, bloody awesome, but I've been looking around for answers, specifically, i'm wondering how to get the security weaponry door open (the one with the steyre bullpop) and so far no ones seem to either had a problem with this or had any answers on this. the second thing is, i start to flood the ship and press the emergency button that should stop it *or so I'm assuming that's what the switch does up until now*, the one next to the button that locks all the engine doors *which is working fine :)* so um.. is that all working for you? or am i doing something wrong here? :(
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  • Anonymous
    I only comment thoroughly on brilliant maps. You have done heaps of hardwork on this map so i'll put some hardwork in to comment as well :D [PROS] What more can i say, you have spent lots of hardwork on copying the image from real life into an amazing map like this. The layouts of the ship are fantastic and extremely realistic. It was a complete blown off, deck 2 and below where the functions rooms are, the sound effects within and the machineries are well done, the noises, the textures really give the real atmostphere of being inside an engine/function room. Personally I particularly like the dock and the deck outside. The surroundings and the skyboxes do make it seem like an empty cruiser having served its day and on the process of returning for maintainence. I like the fact that the ship is actually moving (animated water) and not just on still water. ( which also explains why the engines are working) I am also amazed by your lift, your lift have the most amazing function i have ever seen with source maps, the fact that all your buttons are triggerable and not just one of two of them makes the lift very useful and realistic Some stairs are steep and makes you go slower when going up but hey, that is part of realism. Gameplay: i am always a fan of seriously large maps so we will have to hunt the terrorist or cts down. large maps always give the realistic feel^^ [CONS] Textures: Urgh textures textures textures, i hate seeing such a brilliant map with an amazing layout getting ruined by textures. Most of the people might disagree but the textures can be very plain in some places. I accept the fact that the textures in the function/engine rooms can be white and plain, but i thought that deck5 and above could have some more elaboration done. Some more variation on textures. I mean you do have beautiful textures for the wall and the floor in some places, but places such as tables, chairs and some other parts (like the corridor for accomodations), they all look relatively the same. This can bring the gameplay down a little when people got bored with the textures. Brush work: Although generally the bushworks give the realistic feeling of the ship, some parts are rushed. The brushes could be improved to make the game more realistic. Most of the brushes were low poly shapes such as rectangles and squares. The receptor or something else (i suck at knowing parts of the ship, you would be way better =P) were only made of squares and topless pyramids. By making the shape more realistic with higher poly, the map will be even more realistic (ignoring fps at this point). Furthermore, the tables were incomplete as well, they simply have one side attach to a low wall only and there are no table stands. There are also tables that simply floats in mid air =P. Hand rails were rushed too, they are just plain single brushes attached to the wall. All these minor things can be improved to give a more realistic feeling Props: Props could also be improved also. More props are seriously needed. Now all i can see are some empty rooms, empty receptions, empty kitchens. There were no pot or vases to spice the room up. More props should be applied to make the ship look even better I know you have spent all these valuable time on this map and getting back to small individual brushes might be a bit lmpossible with hammer's interface. I have tried lite as well and they are both just as good, if you manage to improve the cons above, do tell me i'll be the first one to download. If it is improved, there will be no doubt this map would be one of the best at all times i am not going to rate but i will put my score here i am quite strict on ratings btw X) Design/originality: 9.8 gameplay: 9.5 looks: 9.2 teamplay: 9.5
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  • Definitely one of the best and most unique, detailed and in maps ever. 10/10
    Soldier of Rammstein
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  • The best CSS map I have ever seen. Great detail I am TRULY amazed.
    57 avatar
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  • Romis avatar
    Romis Joined 9y ago
    Pros: Very realistic, and extremely good looking map. Cons: none Improvements: none Notes: Well done. Well done. :)
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  • [NG]g42 avatar
    [NG]g42 Joined 9y ago
    Holy crap this is one of the best ship maps i have seen this blows gm_ship2 out of the water in my opinion GREAT JOB Man Pros Well done Cardeck Nice Elevators Really Reminds me of a ferry i rode Cons/Ideas for the next version -Add some Guest rooms that we can enter -Add a button to shut down the engines -Fix the elevator bug the one that goes down to Deck 1 the door opens when you press 1 and goes down open
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  • falconet6 avatar
    falconet6 Joined 10y ago
    Pros: The crimson tide song awzome, the able to sink the ship, elevator and man too many good stuff Cons: The elevator are sometimes really glitched u might need some work on that,since that open auto when the ship is sinking and also closes auto Improvements: More cool songs, the elevator fixed? and extra doors for the CTs since bots piss me off when they get stuck and the stairs gravity its cool but annoying Notes: Good job man its a Map worth Downloading and a map worth playing
    If u die,i dont know why o.O
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  • Dbomb avatar
    Dbomb Joined 11y ago
    This map is soooo awesome. Very very good job on it. I really like how big it is and how realistic you made the level. I didnt have any problem with fps. Keep up the great work.
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Olivier Doorenbos


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olivier_doorenbos Joined 13y ago
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Development Info

3 hard years of hammer editor work. First started with a Sketch, then hammer editor, paint.NET, VTFEdit, Wavosaour, NCH wavepad. More than a year was spent on fixing the critical compile errors


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