A Map for Team Fortress 2

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A small alpine King of the Hill map

Koth_loader_v2 A custom map by Swizzle ************* ABOUT THE MAP ************* Loader is a small King of the Hill map centered around the loading dock just outside a mine. Loader is about the same size as smaller Arena maps and favors both horizontal and vertical attack/defense. The team who controls the ground floor of the center building controls the map, but secondary spawns that exit onto the building's roof ensure that no team holds any single position for too long. The action is fast and frenetic, encouraging swift tactical thinking and good spatial awareness as an attack can come from almost any angle. ****************** INSTALLING THE MAP ****************** Extract koth_loader_v2.bsp to this directory on your hard drive and you're ready to go: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\YOUR USERNAME GOES HERE\team fortress 2\tf\maps *************** CHANGES FROM V1 *************** - Added the official entity setup - Added a second exit from the small upstairs spawns - Players should no longer take fall damage when coming down from the roof or catwalks (unless they jump right before they go off the edge) - Clipping has been dramatically improved over the entire map - Changed some of the doorways in the middle building to add a little more cover - Modified positions of existing health and ammo packs and placed additional ones; playing engineer should now be possible - Changed the skybox to be a bit more interesting - Various aesthetic tweaks and improvements across the board ************** COMING CHANGES ************** - I've missed a couple of minor aesthetic things for this release that I plan on taking care of next version - Further balance tweaks in layout and item placement If you see something in the map that looks like a bug or other issue, contact me and I'll see what I can do to take care of it. ******************************* THANK-YOUS AND OTHER MISCELLANY ******************************* A huge thank you goes out to all the TF2-playing folks at CGTalk for playtesting the map and giving continued feedback. In making this map, I referenced many others and borrowed, stole from and got inspired by several others. Lighthouse, Garbage Day and Harvest were big inspirations, so hats off to the creators of those maps. Finally, a big thank you to all the great folks at Valve. Without all your hard work, community content like this wouldn't be possible. --Xavier Coelho-Kostolny, aka "Swizzle" xkostolny@gmail.com


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    Hello, we playtested it twice on our server (24 p, no fast respawn) Pros : --Cute alpine scenery, large and complex building housing the capture point. --Several spawn exits --Nice use of vertical elements Cons : --Capture time horribly low --Random spawn on the upper or lever levels --General layout tends to create team scattering Overall feeling : we won't currently add loader to our cycle, because the fight becomes a huge, and I mean huge, mess. The several spawn exits and the overall layout prevent any predictable encouter. That meant that pyros, demomen where constantly "raining" on the capture point, and that capture point was capped nearly every 20-30 seconds. In a way it was kinda fun and brutal but there is not much teamplay involved. Suggestions : --Avoid letting players spawn upstairs and let them decide on their own to use the roof. --Lengthen the capture time, seriously --If you manage, find a way to push players from the same team to group. But a larger capture time may do the trick This map looks great but really leans toward pure death match. I'd like to test the next updates.
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    Excellent piece of work here Swizzle. Glad to see it hit the public streets...
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    Looks good but you stole my name :( Or well, i am not working on a koth_loader named map but i was going to, anyways this looks like a sweet map.
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    Looks Sweet, Swizzle! (Personally, I love the alpine environment... So much more scenic than the usual monochromatic sandy motif...) We're gonna give it a go on our pubs... Will let you know the feedback after we put it through it's paces... :) _____________________________________________________________ Early thoughts after initial runthrough: Nicely done! Pros: --More than one spawn exit... --Multiple paths to point. --Sufficient metal & health (maybe too much metal, considering that weapons will be dropped too as players die...) --Creative use of the vertical angles. (IE: exiting one spawn door leads to the roof, giving some chars a height advantage at a very vulnerable moment, and the other leads to a drop off where you must commit to entering the battle, since you cant run back in.) (Possible) Cons(?) --There is a spot where a blue engie (and I assume a red one on the other side) can setup with dispenser in a little nook right next to one of the "garage" doors & then get a gun up right outside of the other teams re-supply. The "bad" thing about this is, behind that door is a big HX & metal, and, and engie standing on the dispenser can move side to side to cause the door to open... (planned? who knows, but might have some imbalancing issues) --There are balconies that look to be accessible w a rocket or demo jump, but they are merely scenic & inaccessible... Make them accessible and put small health & metal up there... They are exposed enough to be combatable, but could be rewarding if looking to gain a height advantage or escape a pursuit. --There are some roofs & overhangs that look solid, but players can shoot and fall thru. Personal thought: I love the Neon sign for the Industrial blue team. First thing I did was go to look for "Rural" Red's Neon Sign... Rather than being disappointed when I found a spray-on stenciled logo instead, I instantly got it & I applaud you for your attention to "the little details" that can make or break a good map. Overall, looks and seems great. Will have to wait to see how it does with a full server.
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Development Info

The map's original layout was designed in about five minutes on the back of a legal pad with a ballpoint pen, after seeing a mention that people would like more king of the hill maps for a private server. Two alpha versions were rapidly built and tested in a single week, then detailing and further gameplay enhancements came the week after.


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