A Map for Team Fortress 2

A control point map using a percentage-based scoring system

Canalzone - dom_canalzone Remake of the QWTF Original ====================================================== MAP INFORMATION- Title: dom_canalzone Version: Final 1.0 Filename: dom_canalzone.bsp Created By: David Lohmeyer - VilePickle Original QWTF by: David Sawyer (now of Valve) Author Email: Type: Domination Game Mode by: TheBladeRoden Web: Compile Date: 8/14/2008 Development Cycle: Beta 1 -> Beta 2 -> Beta 3 -> Final 1.0 Final 1.0 md5: f34d57f1b49a86a8c71a97a64bcfc1ff Description: Canalzone was a QuakeWorld Team Fortress map with 8 control points. Players had to bring flags to the CP's and as this happened the team's overall score increased based on the number of points obtained. Dom_canalzone is a remake of this first Canalzone map (NOT the Team Fortress Classic version cz2 with 5 points). It uses the Domination game mode created by TheBladeRoden. In this game mode, players capture control points like other TF2 maps, but as they do so they score more points over time (as shown as a percentage score on the HUD). Whoever reaches 100% domination first wins the round. Teams can also win by capturing all 8 control points. Spawn points are dynamic, in that as you capture CP's, you gain more spawn locations and the other team loses those spawn points if they had them. This version of domination does not include the jail system due to a bug in the original game type. Players always have spawn points in their team's base. ====================================================== FINAL 1.0 CHANGES/FIXES: -Fixed sticky spawn point in boathouse -Added control indicators to the base room overhead map -Boathouse detail added, new cabin on upper level -Detail added around the map, as well as some texture changes -Brush overlaps/lighting errors fixed -Added another moving door to the base spawn so it's similar to the old QW version -The canal is now not as deep -Made it so players can't shoot through the boathouse vent to outside -Message added after round ends that says teams will be switched for the next round -Percentage score text moved down slightly on the HUD -Plank added across Library to Arch Room since slower classes had a hard time making the leap -Optimized the map much more with prop fade distances -Added dynamic CP signs near the signs with names. They change according to who owns the CP -Removed potential conflicts with other maps with the custom CP icons -Edited the CP icons where red or blue can spawn at that location with an "S" so they know where they may end up ====================================================== THANKS TO: Domination Author: TheBladeRoden QWTF map author: David Sawyer (Ramirez) Inspiration: DJedi Clan, Fastfire Playtesting: DJedi Clan Ninjitsu's clan BB FocusedGaming BRBU Ashigak ====================================================== INSTALLATION: Extract the zip file to ...Steam/steamapps/$$Your Steam ID$$/team fortress 2/tf/maps Create a server with dom_canalzone ====================================================== ©2008 David Lohmeyer. All Rights Reserved Team Fortress 2 is a registered trademark of Valve Software.
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