A Map for Team Fortress 2

CTF_Pipedream- a fast, fun ctf map!

CTF_Pipedream is a simple, straight-forward CTF map designed as a response to various CTF maps at the time. Turbine was too simple. 2Fort, too turtle. So I decided to try my hand at a ctf map, resulting in CTF_Pipedream. A map designed with all classes in mind, giving each class a place and purpose, yet allowing each class a certain amount of flexbility in how they want to play that class. That was the goal, at least. That, and fast rounds with minimal turtling. So give it a try; you might just end up liking the map.
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    This looks pretty great, plus its nighttime, yay! Ctf is great, but 2fort is not that amazing, it gets old, hopefully this wont.
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Special Thanks
The Joe.to Community
Alpha testing/suggestions
The tf2maps.net community
Tutorials and an endless supply of knoweldge!


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Development Info

RC3 Changelogs -Lots of subtle balancing issues addressed -Lots of clipping issues addressed ======================================= RC Changelogs -Fixed an error where respawn cabinets would not open the way they should -Fixed lighting issues -Removed test entities -Fixed cubemap issues -Changed some barrels to help hide teleporters a bit more RC Known bugs -Some minor clipping errors that allow demomen and soldiers to jump to places they shouldn't ======================================= B2 Changelog (See notes for link to B2) -Fixed various instances of overlapping brushes -Fixed a problem with a door located in red base (pipe room-lobby room door) opening in the wrong direction -Added a way to get back onto outdoor pipes from the grated side of the roof it ends at -Fixed a lighting issue in the vents room with ammo and helath -Touched up various cubemaps and reworked some aesthetics to match new cubemaps -Tweaked various prop solidities -Tweaked the custom texture in the hall leading to the intel room (non-vent entrance) -Removed sacks in wooden cubby in lobby room to make it more teleporter friendly -Added a func_respawnroomvisualizer to protect teleports. This change is heavily subject to removal in ctf_pipedream_b3 -Adjusted barrel props in lobby room to balance (buff) engineers slightly -Changed light color in red vents area B2 Known bugs: -A cubemap error in the red vents -Slightly bright lights in red vents B1: There are some minor texture issues and sentry tracking issues in the map. The sentry tracking issues are evident in the pipe rooms, ontop of the pipe platforms. Building on a platform will cause a sentry to continue firing at a player even if the player passes below the pipe platform. This will be addressed in b2.


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