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PL_Craven. Its a 3 round affair which is aimed at stimulating some good team play.

Hi, Updated to Beta 3 I've been working on a payload map for a while. PL_Craven. Its a 3 round affair which is aimed at stimulating some good team play. Thats 7 cap points across 3 areas with cap triggered route changes to improve the play. It's on Beta 3 at present and is heading towards the final formate. I wanted to post and get some feedback around how it plays and what needs to be improved. Looking to get it out there and look to tweaking the gameplay where it needs it, I have fixed all of the errors that have been identififed to date, obvious things like issues with spawns, clip areas and the likes. Like I say it would be good to get some peeps playing it and to get some feedback. Thanks to those (very belatedly) that have already tested and provided feedback, good effort. Beta 3 now availble. Have added health and metal in the relevant places following some play testing of beta 2. Have closed off some routes to force the game flow for payload. Seems to work much better. Have added a staged spawn and staged routes to round 3 to allow the fight to move forward, the routes for Red have also shortened in the inital cap stage to speed up getting to the action. Have retexured some areas and have cleaned the map up generally. All of round 3 is now textured correctly. The aim is to pull the flow of the game to a tighter route with some areas closd altogether and some closed as cap points are taken. Get pushing.... MasHeeN
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  • Wow what a difference in opinion after reading kaikashira notes. I have been loading this on my server which is a 30 slot server. Cap A and most all the other caps, where being defended so well that they could hardly ever cap A. I changed attackers respawn times to 1 sec and defenders to 10 secs and still the defenders hold them back. The thing I was going to post was the attackers respawns should move forward at the midway cap point.... to A and b and c.. thx... The map looks good other then that thanks...
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    I'll add it to our 'playtest' server today and hopefully have a full barrage of notes for you by the end of the weekend =3 EDIT: Weekend test completed - feedback as follows: Overall very balanced - several routes to different chokepoints make us happy. No chokepoint is impossible to get past nor is it ungodly easy to get past them. Balance of spots for folks to hide in/snipe from is a definite bonus. That being said, we found a few issues: At the end of round 3 there's a steel beam at the red's spawn (next to a pile of tires) that you can't jump over, even with a scout's triple jump. End of three also has a few gas tanks that you can hide inside because they were not made physical, one in particular on the right side of the map if you're on blu, you can actually build a sentry inside its image - thus making it unseen by enemy units until they get killed by it and get the location. The 2 minute limit per checkpoint on 3 is a bit tight. It highly favors red at this point to expert-level timing when it comes to pushing the cart. The cart itself has issues - you can't stand on the top of the cart (I assume it's because there's no physbox around it) and while I wouldn't do that anyway, I *DO* use the cart's physical ability to cover me from one side when i push - I can't do that here. Enemy fire goes straight through the bomb. On stage 2, enemy spies can actually push the cart...I have no idea how that's even possible. Usually you can see the chain of particles but it doesn't actually push anywhere. There are a few ledges that I believe you made to be sniping points, yet when folks try to stand on them, they're not physical. I'll continue to run through the map for a bit - I find it very fun but the physics need some tweaking. ~Kai


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    Me too , i need to play ! :)
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    Looks good, i hope some servers will use this.
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OK so am keen to get this map played a little so I can work on the flow of gameplay. Round 1 works really well, so does round 3 now following a number of updates, (dynamic routes and staged spawns). Round 2 works ok but needs some tweaking. Have added the health and metal to the map following initial play testing and have modified some routes. Still to look at is the layout on round 2, some issues with the final explosion and another detail pass. Hitting the limits of the engine so a lot of reduction has been done. Download it and get it on your rotations and feedback.


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