A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

A nicely detailed suburban map with sewers and lots of secret passages and shortcuts. Lots of custom sounds, textures and models.

Cs_number13_final - A map by Anthony Irtelli Final release. Fixed some balance and optimisation issues. Up to 48 players. Terrorists having taken scientists from FearCorp hostage in an empty house that happens to be number 13. Many thanks to all of those people who I've unwittingly taken textures and models from. Go to rustyinplaces.org and play this on our css server!
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  • phobosvoid avatar
    phobosvoid Joined 3y ago
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    holy hell fucking awesome map dude keep it up  keep doing maps like this 

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  • DeathDrive avatar
    DeathDrive Joined 8y ago
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    Looks like a great map. Gotta try it.
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  • I love the lighting in this map, and the whispers in the attic really freak me out (reminds me of the show LOST). Very good atmosphere, layout, and detail. I can't wait to play this on a server.
    Our world is conspiracy.
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  • gh3860 avatar
    gh3860 Joined 10y ago
    Iam from thailand and the movie 13 is the best i evr wacth and now this map 10/10
    Customers are always right avatar
    Customers are always right
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    I luv this map,so realistic
    Make You Become Pro
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  • STR!K3R_- avatar
    STR!K3R_- Joined 9y ago
    148 points Ranked 24608th
    Excellent map! Keep working!


    1337 time :P avatar
    1337 time :P
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  • AnTwanChi avatar
    AnTwanChi Joined 10y ago
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    Thanks for a well considered and constructive post. The lesson that I learnt from making this map is that there's always a balance between optimisation and beauty in a map's design. I chose the latter. However, I did do quite a bit of work on optimisation and can't say that my rig ever goes beneath 60 fps at any point in the map. Any optimisation experts are more than welcome to take a look at the hammer file to see if they can tweak a few more frames out of the gameplay. I hate sniping so I guess that reflects in the map's design as well!
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  • Locutus avatar
    Locutus username pic Joined 11y ago
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    Balance: Well, this map has some serious balancing issues. I mean, really, the CTs spawn outside (like most CS maps) and get a small buyzone. The terrorists, on the other hand, get this huge house with like 5 stories all to themselves and get a gigantic buyzone which stretches over like 3 floors. Design: Well you seem to have thought out the design of this map fairly well. It seems to be good sized and theres plenty of spots to hide (or camp rather.) The only problem with the design is that it isn't really open enough to snipe (AT ALL) and the fact that the CT's don't get much cover (since most of the spawnpoints are visible from the house.) I dislike how some vents look like you should be able to shoot them out (like near the kitchen) even though you can't. I also dislike the way that some doors open when pushed and others have to be shot out...adding a bit more complication to the entire map. Detail: You put a lot of detail into this map, you seem to have tweaked the lighting and put in plenty of props and some crazy sounds too. I was really hooked on the detail when I noticed that you put custom sounds all over the house (from the kitchen all the way to the roof) and they all helped towards the realism of the map. The only detail that I've seen on some maps that this map doesn't have is that on some maps you can toggle lights on and off for some of the rooms. You added the switches which is nice looking, but if it could change the lighting it would really help the detail. Gameplay: Gameplay is somewhat fast for a CS map, but some people like it that way. The CT's seem to be a bit too close, so if anything you might want to push them back some to give both teams a bit more time from the get-go. The gameplay is a bit confused since there are so many routes to go, so users will have to take some time to get used to the map in general. Looks: Absolutely amazing. The only flaws I noticed were some lighting glitches (such as the bench in the backyard seems to glow, as do some of the plants.) You put in plenty of props to help decorate the house and they really do their job. Realism: You seem to have put the utmost ammount of care into this map to make it as realistic as possible. The only kinds of maps I can ever recall playing that were even remotely close to this one were from SWAT 2...man those were the days. Overall: A very interesting and good looking map. The gameplay is a bit choppy to begin, but that doesn't detract from the fact that this is very detailed and altogether a fun map to play on. You still have a few minor flaws in this map, but they don't ruin it at all. Ah one last thing, your optimization kind of sucks. If I'm getting 60fps on my top of the line rig, then I can imagine lower end computers are really eating dirt right now. I even crashed when I went too close to the moving fan.


    will map 4 füd avatar
    will map 4 füd
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    Posted by k4r01gamexp Wow 45 mb looks nice but i got questions Did you use nodraw texture??
    Hi there! :P and, yeah 45 is way too much...
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    Proud GTX285 User (02 June 200
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  • k4r01gamexp avatar
    k4r01gamexp Joined 10y ago
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    Wow 45 mb looks nice but i got questions Did you use nodraw texture??
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Key Authors
Anthony Irtelli


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AnTwanChi Joined 10y ago
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Development Info

Hammer, Photoshop for textures, Skypaint for the sky, xsi for stairs model.


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