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cp_furnace_b4 (Furnace Creek)

A Map for Team Fortress 2

Three point attack/defend map set at sunset


Gametype: 3 point attack/defend capture point
Players: 24-32
Scoring mode: 1 point per capture point captured
Authors: Wade "Nineaxis" Fabry, Tim "Youme" Johnson
Contributors: Snipergen, Void
-Snipergen (models)
-Void (texture)

Map description

A Gravelpit style map with three points, BLU must capture A and B to progress to C.

Recommended config file

mp_maxrounds 3
mp_winlimit 0

A note to server owners:

This map has menu thumbnails, there is a .res file in the root of the archive, if you're putting this map on a server, simply place the .res in the server's /tf/maps folder along with the .bsp file.
The .res file is not needed in any way if you are not putting this map on a server.

Revision History (DD/MM/YY)

Beta 4 released 21/08/09:-
* Increased overall spawn times.
* Reworked tunnel from C to A to open closer to the capture building.
* Added an extension in a tunnel from C to B to facilitate a forward base from blu.
* Added an extra set of stairs up to the point at A.
* Added oil drums for cover on B.
* Increased length of RED's spawn exits and changed glass to wood.
* Increased number of signs.
* Fixed minor playerclipping issues.
* Player ragdolls now ignite upon death by solar-array-energy-beam
* Added 5 hidden rubber duckies.

Beta 3 released 24/06/09:-
* Reduced height of the tower dramatically.
* Moved crane on the B building out of the way of rooftop players.
* Increased the height of the ceiling playerclip at C.
* Greatly improved playerclipping.
* Increased danger of straying in the focus of the mirror array.
* Detailing improvements over entire map.
* Increased distance between cap point A building and the rear cliff.
* Slightly adjusted spawn timers and capture time at C.
* Added team ownership based spectator cameras.
* Slightly decreased intensity of sun glare and slightly increased light levels.
* Fixed soundscapes.
* Miscellaneous other tweaks.

Beta 2 released 10/05/09:-
* Fixed scoring method, thus fixing tournament mode.
* Fixed .res file containing incorrect information.

Beta 1 released 10/05/09:-

* Detailed the entire map.
* Changed indoor stairs to cap C for improved ease of use.
* Slightly adjusted cap times and respawn wave times.
* Incorporated custom models from Snipergen and a texture from Void.
* Updated menu photos and created a quicklist thumbnail and accompanying .res file for servers.
* Implemented lightmap grid optimisation.
* Minor miscellaneous other changes.

Alpha 3 released 26/02/09:-

* Adjusted spawn timers slightly to aid balance.
* Upped capture times to aid defendability.
* Moved red spawn slightly further backwards.
* Added glass into windows at one entrance to C from A.
* Added cover to one entrance to C from B.

Alpha 2 released 10/02/09:-

* Renamed capture C to C
* Increased lighting in all indoor areas.
* Added more health over entire map.
* Increased cap times to closer to Gravelpit's (A/B longer, C faster).
* Unified red's spawn into one building and move it slightly further from C.
* Enlarged entire C area, making the building more open.
* Extended B building slightly providing more space inside and underneath as well as opening up the windows to allow shooting in/out easier.
* Opened up B's roof to be rocket jumped onto.
* Adjusted spawntimes so red take slightly longer and blu slightly less.
* Added A B and C indicators on HUD.
* Slightly shrunk the A arena.
* Reworked paths between points slightly.
* Moved blue's spawn so that (with only one door) they can see both exits.

Alpha 1 released 04/01/09:-

Known Issues:-


Copy "maps" and "materials" folder into your "tf" folder. Press "okay" for any warning messages.

Server Owners: .RES file in the "maps" folder will force download the Quick List menu thumb (in the materials folder). Whether or not you want to place this and the materials on your server is up to you.

Thanks to

-All members of


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  • KillerCroc avatar
    KillerCroc Joined 11y ago
    access_time 11y
    Why should people play this map when there is Gpit ? Its a nice remake.
    URL to post:
  • Soldier Boy avatar
    Soldier Boy Joined 12y ago
    2,214 points Ranked 20679th
    access_time 11y
    No, no, no. It's not possible. A community map? Which makes me more excited that a VALVe one? Of course, only the 3 people worked on this map, can do this. I really wanted to remake the building at B, but after playing the map I said: Nah, it's not gonna work, everything in the map is perfect, from the proportions of the buildings right to the simplest prop positions. And I just LOVE the doors at BLU team's spawn. Way better that GravelPit for me. Ok, now. There really are some places, which need a just a tiny little touch ups. I mean, some more details. I know Team Fortress 2 maps must NOT have tons of props, but the lack of them makes any map look bland. On first screenshot, look at the left part, center heigh next to the stairs. Just place 1 pallet with 1 or 2 barrels on it, and a crate. It's going to be lovely. The building (which is my favourite thing in the map) itself from the inside, needs some things, like 1 tire pile, a barrel or 2. Nothing else. Oh and some things, that make it look like a loading zone. Maybe a little pile of gravel or sand will do just fine. And about the door at the far back. VALVe places most of it's details at door, because "players oftenly look at the doors, being ready for an enemy to come out". Place a sign, like the one with the skull on it. Place some rocks without collision on the ground in front and around the door. And, again with the details around doors, on the left of the door, place a electrical switchboard, or what was it. And don't forget to place a cow somewhere. Take the cow like a joke, but if you want, place it somewhere. If there is already a cow, before you ask, yes I played the map 3 times. On screenshot 2. In the bulding to the down left, please, place some oil cans, that pile of metal rods/bars, and some other little things. And place a medkit there. If scouts need to get it, they will "sacrifice" some mobility to take it. I know it's beta, maybe you guys already planned on placing props there, but I just have to say it. Insinde the bulding with the point, under the stairs, in the corner, place a barrel or a rope/cable spool. and if it's a spool, place a thermos/termos on it, and maybe a lunch bad. Oh, and I really like the spot in front of the point, that little wooder fence/barrier. And place a ammopack on top of the rock (down, center). In the third picture, well, almost no props. Only at the far left building (The RED spawn). The building on the very right of the picture (with the B on it) looks like it has very, VERY thin walls, and it's going to fall apart any moment. The big windows on red spawn, and the walls who are holding them, have the same problem. 4 units thicker, and everything is priceless. Place some rubble/rocks/tires on the ground with no collision. Place some train tracks (or maybe not) coming out and going in cave, which end with pitchblack texture, and cannot be accessed by players. I'm lazy to take some screenshot (it's 5 AM at my time). For the skybox, yes really good and custom skybox texture, but just place some little things around the traintarck, I don't know what. The land around the tracks looks bland. And the sun's angle looks kinda strange, rotate it down a bit. At least it looks strange from the screenshors, and ingame it looke a bit weird. Take a look at DustBowl for reference. In general, perfect map, perfect textures, perfect lightning, perfect skybox texture, perfect everything. Can't wait for the official release. The thing is love most: The building at B, the Laz0r, the stairs at A, the stairts at C (I don't know why), the light setting and color, the layout (simple, yet good looking and it's easy to remember) and the little area in front of A. And of course, the whole thing itself. Very good job guys, I wish I had Your skills and imagination (and patience). Good luck finishing this little beauty. And I really hope VALVe makes this an official community map. And I hope I was helpfull.
    URL to post:
  • Icarus avatar
    Icarus Joined 12y ago
    1,202 points Ranked 23389th
    access_time 11y
    URL to post:
  • lordned avatar
    lordned Joined 13y ago
    access_time 11y
    Pros: Awesome Map.
    URL to post:
  • tryon avatar
    tryon Joined 12y ago
    access_time 11y
    Pros: good job, you obviously put a lot of time on texturing your new buildings. Loved the far-west theme Cons: you should fix the defender's spawn, an ennemy standing next to the door can shoot inside it. (tested with the scout standing on the left door of the red spawn) Improvements: the gun could fire at the end or if you would have put the "solar panel and gun" theme more forward but hey it look very nice anyway :P Notes: Notes: I am looking forward to play on it on our server when it has been approved, keep up the good work.
    URL to post:
  • An Icy Mouse avatar
    An Icy Mouse Joined 11y ago
    access_time 11y
    Pros: Beautiful environment, very different from the standard too, even if it is still a desert. The whole thing feels much more detailed now, nice new mountains in the background. Laser now fires logically and is visible :) I've seen good defences of A as well as B unlike gravelpit it doesn't seem to end up always at B second. Always have fun on this map, as multiple classes (I play medic, pyro and soldier mainly, it's good for all three) A good team can defend both A and B against poorly organised attacks, whilst an equally good offence can quickly dispach any defence if not organised well. Cons: -The final point is still a bit polarised, it's either really hard for blue or really easy. -It's not alpine. Improvements: I still think there are a few slightly empty spots with nothing in them, those areas need some loving. Notes: Love!
    URL to post:
  • James Sunderland avatar
    James Sunderland Joined 11y ago
    500 points Ranked 46471st
    access_time 11y
    Incredible, I love the lighting as well as the inclusion of the solar panels for the "solar gun" or whatnot. Its that kind of added personality that makes TF2 what it is.
    URL to post:
  • Bolty avatar
    Bolty Joined 12y ago
    133 points Ranked 64807th
    access_time 11y
    Posted by Bichosis It's my idea, or all the tf2 maps are inspired in a desert and all use the same texture?
    Almost all the tf2 maps are desert-themed, but there are some maps such as arena_lumberyard that break this rule Great job you did here! I absolutely love the skybox and the overall lightning PS: This map is absolutely great! I think Valve should consider adding this map to the official maps, it's simply awesome!
    B gone
    URL to post:
  • Necrosis. avatar
    Necrosis. Joined 12y ago
    1,073 points Ranked 24679th
    access_time 11y
    It's my idea, or all the tf2 maps are inspired in a desert and all use the same texture?
    Swine brother
    URL to post:
  • Icepwn avatar
    Icepwn Joined 11y ago
    250 points Ranked 54542nd
    access_time 11y
    Oh my god, awesome! I wish i could map like that.
    URL to post:


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Nineaxis Joined 12y ago
436 points Ranked 47861st
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