GameBanana Physical Recognition

An Initiative

To reward and embrace our most prominent submitters and community members.

Here at GameBanana we like to reward our community members for their continual commitment and dedication to the site. Starting with the longest serving and most prominent members we will slowly be distributing personal letters of appreciation and gifts to active and helpful members. We will then host nominations from both the community and site staff at regular intervals going forward in order to recognized both new and continual talent.
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Mission Statement
To identify and reward our most prominent submitters and community members with physical gifts for their continued dedication to the site.
  1. Identify a list of prominent member from each section of the site.
  2. Distribute gifts and personal letters of appreciation based on level of commitment.
  3. Organise public and staff nominations at regular intervals going forward.
Completion Date
December 12th, 2013 tracking pixel