To much Furry and Weeb Crap

An Idea

Hello I have been using gamebanna for tf2 mods for years "just recently i created a account", and every time I visit this great site there's Furry or Weeb post and I would love to see a filter for that type of post. Like the NSFW filter. Thank you all for everything you do.

P.S. Sorry for my bad grammar.


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    It's really not that big of a deal. It's definitely not my thing but I don't think it's so rampant that it's an issue. It's definitely not as common as it used to be on here.
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Won't Address
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A filter isn't going to be made to specifically block out anything that might be related to furry-based or anime-based content. Unless the content is NSFW, which we have a toggle system for since this site can be (and is) accessed from public locations, blocking it just because it's related to a specific genre of content that you don't care for won't be of any benefit to the site. If you feel that the content is breaking site rules, feel free to report it so that we can address it. Otherwise, leave it be and move on to something that actually does catch your interest.


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