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We are seeking a render artist! We have many skins that will be more attractive if they were given a proper render. Accepting any and all render artists!

-105th Inc.
Position is no longer available.


  • 3mo
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    I'm interested in position of a render artist. 
    Have experience of rendering with Marmoset TB, 3ds Max 2017 iRay, Mental Ray and VRay. Now studying Corona Render.
    Can work for free, cause it's my hobby. But will be very happy to receive something (for example, some help :D)!

    Here is my last render:

    I am waiting for your answer.

    P.S. Sorry for my English, if there are any mistakes.
    Texturing... texturing... avatar
    Texturing... texturing...
  • 3mo
    Hi I was interested in the render position. I've done character renders before but none yet for mods. If you want to see examples of what I can do visit this link: . So is this a volunteer job or do you get something out of this?
    Bana modeler


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