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(Note:  Not double posting, just want it linked to our studio page since our previous one wasn't working.)

mxG.Studio is looking for a wide range of creative thinkers, intuitive developers, and just great minds in general.  

We are developing some modifications (may or may not be good in the end - but that's why we need you!), general game customizations, and hopefully some fun things that we hope everyone will enjoy! Our goal here is to look at this whole idea as a learning experience, from the GB community at-large, and create an experience that is beneficial not only to the studio staff but the GB community as well.  Here is what we need:

Skilled or Learning:
  • Mappers for First Person Shooters (CS1.6, CS Source, TF2, Unreal, DoD, and if you can map in other mods or games we are always looking to expand) (2)
  • Skinners (2)
  • Media Files (1)
  • Scripters (1)
  • Image Designers (2)
  • Tools/Scripts Developers (2)
We are going to be working on different mods with hopefully some help from new team members, the GB community, GB Initiative Staff/Admins help, and of course the developers of the originals.
Position is no longer available.


  • 5mo
    Bloody Death Skull avatar
    Bloody Death Skull avatar Killing Demons
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    i am interested as a cs 1.6 mapper to join
    Mapper,Texturer,Uv Mapper,More
  • 5mo
    RayHammer avatar
    RayHammer avatar Being Dead
    DeadArt Flag Affiliation: DeadArt
    Member Joined 2y
    306 points Ranked 13091st
    I'm not sure how can I help you, but I'll be glad to. Although on this site I was mostly designing sprays and custom sounds for TF2, but I also can do some skinning, mapping and scripting. Thank you in advance
    Wish I Could Care Less
  • 5mo
    Plutonium 239 avatar
    Plutonium 239 Dying of hate
    105th Inc. Flag Affiliation: 105th Inc.
    Member Joined 2y
    661 points Ranked 6813rd
    Plutonium 239 105th Inc. Flag
    105th Inc.
    mxG.Studio is the position for skinners, media files still vacant?
    I would be really interested then. 
    You can have a look at some of my creations from my page(skins,GUIs, music,sounds).
    Please consider.
    Thank you.
    Avenged Sevenfold avatar
    Avenged Sevenfold


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