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Hello folks at Gamebanana!

This is Bernt from Reperio Studios, the developers behind BrainBread 2, a reboot of the Half-Life 1 zombie classic, BrainBread. 

Our project had a rocky start on release and we thank everyone who gave us feedback. Since then we've been doing our best at fixing bugs and implementing new features that the community has suggested and requested, we want to continue developing this mod through you and us.

Though we've hit a major problem in our journey, we're severely undermanned, so we're looking for people who's willing to join this family of passionate developers!

The most vital gamemodes, Objective and Story(Co-op) are lacking maps. 

These gamemodes are the most essential to the nostalgia of BrainBread, so we're in dire need of some Level Designers.

We have a talented coder who can provide mappers with any tool they need to perfect their levels, BrainBread 2 has a powerful objective tool coded to use and perfect maps.

If you feel like you want to improve your skills and get involved with friendly people, we look forward to helping you evolve as an artist, below are a few screenshots of what we have been hard at work with.

Many Thanks
- Reperio Studios

Steam Store Page:
My Steam:
Position is no longer available.


  • 6mo
    I want to help but i really didnt made any map for Css but i have Xp for making maps for warcraft 3
    if you give me the name of the tools to make maps i will do my best :)
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    Hell Needs Some Rain...
  • 6mo
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    Sounds cool. I don't know that mod until then.
    I would be glad to help but my PC can't run Source games, and I don't know that mod at all...

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck on your mod and I'm sure you will find someone here to help you on GB.
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    Professional Crastination


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