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Animated Immersive Helmet

A GUI Mod for Half-Life 2: MMod


Version 3 8d
  • BugFix Typos and folder issues
  • Addition Fast Weapon Commands
I believe I've fixed the issues with the V2 upload. This mod was made by multiple people and the file for upload was assembled incorrectly. 

The fast weapon commands have been added because eh, why not.
Version 2 9d BugFix Feature Tweak
Fully animated Immersive Helmet
Original textures have been upscaled to maximum quality and enhanced in many other ways.
When active, the helmet will display additional hud elements and reduce received headshot damage by 50%. Removing the helmet disables all hud elements and enables quick weapon switch. 

Requires the Lambda Insignia squad markers mod unless you want your followers to wear chef hats. 
Lambda Insignia texture has been tweaked to match the color of the default HUD.

T to toggle helmet
Y to restore standard hud

If you would like to rebind the buttons, you will have to open the Helmet.cfg file and change the binds to what you prefer for all of the many bind commands.

The helmet may disappear when loading. Press T or Y to repair settings.

Holster Weapon/Empty Hands
The 4th slot of the first weapon column can be used to empty your hands.
This was made by modifying weapon_citizensuitcase.

Dive Mod
The player can now perform a dive/mini long jump for a bit of aux power.
There are 4 settings for Dive Mod that can be enabled by the following console commands:

triggers the dive when shift and space are held. (Can be unstable sometimes)

triggers the dive when the alt key is pressed. (Almost always works)

disables dive functionality.

if you want to use the simple dive bound to any key of choosing, input this into the console or Autoexec with whatever key you prefer
bind (key) "+divejump"
Its recommended to use the alt dive and bind it too whatever you want, but this is here just for anyone that wants a simple dive jump

Fast Weapon Commands
Perform faster, automatic functions for certain weapons.

Bind +quicknade to a key to automatically throw a grenade and return to the previous weapon.

Bind +quickgrav to a key to switch to the gravity gun and pick up the object in front of you. Releasing the key will launch the held item before returning to your previous weapon.

Bind +quickmelee to a key to switch to and continuously attack with the crowbar while the key is held.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this GUI


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  • Question,how do i install this mod?
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  • AP 937 avatar
    AP 937 Joined 1mo ago
    602 points Ranked 44,824th
    7d 7d
    It's beautiful, thank you.

    It also works on black mesa!
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  • thank you, the author corrected a lot)
    URL to post:
  • a good modification, but there is an error with dressing, and instead of smg1, some shit comes out!
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  • TheTrueJester avatar
    TheTrueJester Joined 1y ago
    535 points Ranked 45,854th
    9d 9d
    Brilliant mod! However, I'm having some minor trouble with the Quickinfo by the crosshair; it's not aligned properly to the center with the MMOD crosshairs. This is most apparent with the gravity gun crosshair, where it clips slightly to the meter on the right. I'm looking for a way to center quickinfo, but hudlayout.res doesn't have an easy x/y-axis position to easily tweak under the hud options. Is this something you can fix on your end, or is it better to just turn quickinfo off with the helmet.cfg in the mod? Thanks y'all.

    Edit: Also, I noticed y'all added sound files in for the helmet, but they're not activating when they're supposed to. I fixed this by creating a subfolder named Helmet inside the sound main folder (which the .cfg was looking for, but was previously absent under sound folder), and placed the files there, and now they work. Be sure to update the mod with this simple fix when you can.

    Edit 2: I've also taken the liberty of removing the civilian suitcase give/use from the .cfg file. Honestly, the overlay animation sells the illusion of a physical helmet slipping on pretty well on its own. All the suitcase does is look goofy as sin whenever you press t, where it looks like you have a leather duckbill for a face. If the idea is to have a cheap and easy way of players raising their weapon again in tandem with the helmet being put on, that would also be rather arbitrary and unnecessary. I mean no offense, it's just a really random inclusion that actually undermines the effect. I'd suggest getting rid of all use/give civilian suitcase lines, and delete lastinv (use last weapon) while you're at it. Thanks again, this is an otherwise great mod, it just requires some light tweaks that even I managed to solve in about 10-ish minutes using nothing but notepad. Best of luck!
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  • DWBoyGamer avatar
    DWBoyGamer Joined 17d ago
    This is absolutely great consept and works well with mmod. Could you consider making version of this for Black Mesa?
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Original Helmet Script Mod
Lightning McYing
Lightning McYing Joined 1y ago
318 points Ranked 51,401st
Idea and original texture
Enhanced Helmet script mod
[SU]- Zen
[SU]- Zen Joined 4mo ago
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Textures, Animations, and Scripts
classy houndeye
classy houndeye Joined 8mo ago
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Even more scripts


Slip Union avatar
Slip Union Joined 18d ago
492 points Ranked 46,678th
Slip Union
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